Our Jasper Nation: Finding a Home Away from Home

The farthest most ten-year-olds travel is a distance that can be covered by car in less than a day, or at most, a few day’s time.  At age ten, Mahamoud Diop made a trip halfway across the world to what would become his new home.  Born and raised in Bamako, the capital city of Mali in West Africa, Diop did not step foot in the … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation: Finding a Home Away from Home

Jasper Nation: Cassandre Tissot

For Cassandre Tissot, a sophomore marketing major and Spanish minor, global travel is fairly common. Growing up, Tissot split time between France, Argentina, Brazil and now the United States. Her hometown of Bordeaux, in the southwest region of France, is known as the city of wine, and is very different from New York City. Bordeaux lies one hour from the beach, and only two hours … Continue reading Jasper Nation: Cassandre Tissot

Our Jasper Nation

Lucas Bittigkoffer, a junior Mechanical Engineering major, traveled nearly 4,000 miles from home to attend school at Manhattan College. He chose MC primarily because of its location, where the lure of the city drew him to a place quite different than the one where he grew up. Lucas’ hometown is Bauschlott, a small village in the southern part of Germany, with a population of about 5,000 people. Because of … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation