Our Jasper Nation: Daisuke Kuroshima

Daisuke Kuroshima, sophomore biochemistry major, was born in sunny California but remembers a childhood spent on the other side of the world. “Until I was five, I was living in California” Kuroshima said, “But I went to Japan and grew up in Yokohama.” Even though Kuroshima was born in the United States, Japanese was his first language, and it wasn’t until after high school that … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation: Daisuke Kuroshima

Our Jasper Nation

Andrew Gresham, a sophomore political science major, was looking for a change of scenery when he decided to attend school in the big apple.  New York City could not be more different than his hometown of Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.  Pitt Meadows, located just outside of Vancouver, has a population about 1 percent that of the Bronx. “It’s really different,” Gresham said, “that was one … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation

Our Jasper Nation: Finding A Home Away From Home

For Robert Hurt, a junior chemical engineering major, “home” can be a lot of different places.  “Home” could be Manhattan College, where he now spends most of his time.  “Home” could be Tokyo, Japan, where he graduated from high school and his family currently lives.  “Home” could also be Vienna, Austria, where he lived from age two to fifteen.  The question of where “home” is … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation: Finding A Home Away From Home

Our Jasper Nation: Finding a Home Away from Home

The farthest most ten-year-olds travel is a distance that can be covered by car in less than a day, or at most, a few day’s time.  At age ten, Mahamoud Diop made a trip halfway across the world to what would become his new home.  Born and raised in Bamako, the capital city of Mali in West Africa, Diop did not step foot in the … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation: Finding a Home Away from Home

Our Jasper Nation

Riko Mochizuki, a sophomore finance and economics major born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, came to Manhattan College two years ago with a dream of one day working on Wall Street. Mochizuki decided to attend an American school because of a larger variety of majors compared to schools in Japan. “American schools teach you more practical skills and knowledge to prepare you for the real … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation

Jasper Nation: Cassandre Tissot

For Cassandre Tissot, a sophomore marketing major and Spanish minor, global travel is fairly common. Growing up, Tissot split time between France, Argentina, Brazil and now the United States. Her hometown of Bordeaux, in the southwest region of France, is known as the city of wine, and is very different from New York City. Bordeaux lies one hour from the beach, and only two hours … Continue reading Jasper Nation: Cassandre Tissot

Our Jasper Nation

While he now resides in Horan Hall, Kofi Owusu Acheampong, a junior computer science major, grew up on the other side of the world in Obuasi, Ghana. Obuasi, nicknamed “The Gold City” is a mining town where the mining company, AngloGold Ashanti, is responsible for providing jobs to the region. The city of Obuasi is seen as a place where making money is easy because of the opportunities that … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation

Our Jasper Nation

Bordering the Balearic Sea, on the eastern side of Spain, is the city of Barcelona. Eva Arasa Toledano, known to her friends as Evi, lived just outside the city her whole life before deciding to spend a semester in the United States. Visiting for the first time at thirteen years old on a family trip, Toledano remembers the experience as very touristy, but visiting a second time made her … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation

Our Jasper Nation

  Even though Kevin Thwala was born in Maryland, his childhood was spent on the other side of the world, splitting time between Swaziland and South Africa before returning to the United States to attend college. Thwala’s hometown of Durban, South Africa, is a coastal town and may not seem too different from a typical suburban town in the United States: semi-urban, with both malls and residential areas all … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation