International Students’ View on Food and Culture

by EMILIA DRONKERT, Contributor Whenever somebody tells me that they are an international student, my mind immediately jumps to one thing: food. Food is such an integral part of one’s culture and daily life, so going without your home cuisine for an extended period of time must be especially difficult. I talked to five international students at Manhattan College about their experiences with food in America, and … Continue reading International Students’ View on Food and Culture

From Serbia to Riverdale

Milena Janjusevic and Ivana Kostic have known each other for nearly a decade. They often competed against each other in Belgrade, Serbia, and were even part of the same volleyball youth national teams. But that was as far as their relationship went. They were mere acquaintances, who happened to be from the same city. Now, thousands of miles away from home, Janjusevic and Kostic have … Continue reading From Serbia to Riverdale

Our Jasper Nation: Finding A Home Away From Home

For Robert Hurt, a junior chemical engineering major, “home” can be a lot of different places.  “Home” could be Manhattan College, where he now spends most of his time.  “Home” could be Tokyo, Japan, where he graduated from high school and his family currently lives.  “Home” could also be Vienna, Austria, where he lived from age two to fifteen.  The question of where “home” is … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation: Finding A Home Away From Home

Our Jasper Nation: Finding a Home Away from Home

The farthest most ten-year-olds travel is a distance that can be covered by car in less than a day, or at most, a few day’s time.  At age ten, Mahamoud Diop made a trip halfway across the world to what would become his new home.  Born and raised in Bamako, the capital city of Mali in West Africa, Diop did not step foot in the … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation: Finding a Home Away from Home

Foreign Fa La La’s

For the typical Manhattan College student, Thanksgiving and winter break signify a special time when we can escape the craziness of the semester, retreat to our homes and celebrate the holidays with our family and friends. For us, this practice is familiar because we are so used to the traditions and common themes for each holiday time. However, looking at these American practices from an … Continue reading Foreign Fa La La’s

From Coast to Coast

It is common in college sports for schools to recruit local athletes. Not only does it make sense financially, since some colleges are not always able to afford sending their coaches on scouting trips across the country, but also, there is something special about getting a star, local athlete to play in his or her hometown. This practice has translated onto most of the 19 … Continue reading From Coast to Coast

The MC Melting Pot

BY VICTORIA HERNANDEZ STAFF WRITER Wondering about the new international students on campus this year? Here is a sneak peek into their lives, how they feel about being away from home and their perspective towards our school so far. At Manhattan College, students’ homes range from 37 different countries, according to the school website. Debbi Damico, the International Student Advisor, said MC attracts these students … Continue reading The MC Melting Pot

Our Jasper Nation

While he now resides in Horan Hall, Kofi Owusu Acheampong, a junior computer science major, grew up on the other side of the world in Obuasi, Ghana. Obuasi, nicknamed “The Gold City” is a mining town where the mining company, AngloGold Ashanti, is responsible for providing jobs to the region. The city of Obuasi is seen as a place where making money is easy because of the opportunities that … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation

Our Jasper Nation

Bordering the Balearic Sea, on the eastern side of Spain, is the city of Barcelona. Eva Arasa Toledano, known to her friends as Evi, lived just outside the city her whole life before deciding to spend a semester in the United States. Visiting for the first time at thirteen years old on a family trip, Toledano remembers the experience as very touristy, but visiting a second time made her … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation