Dante Seminar: “Spotlight on Pioneering Latino Scholar and Activist Ernesto Galarza”

Julie Leininger Pycior, Ph.D., opened up this semester’s first Dante Seminar with a discussion on her research on Ernesto Galarza, a Mexican-American activist who fought for workers’ rights throughout his lifetime. Rocco Marinaccio, Ph.D., introduced Pycior as leading a “special Dante Seminar for Latino Heritage Month,” to start off a “really great line-up” of discussions to be held later this year. Pycior’s work on Galarza … Continue reading Dante Seminar: “Spotlight on Pioneering Latino Scholar and Activist Ernesto Galarza”

The MC Melting Pot

BY VICTORIA HERNANDEZ STAFF WRITER Wondering about the new international students on campus this year? Here is a sneak peek into their lives, how they feel about being away from home and their perspective towards our school so far. At Manhattan College, students’ homes range from 37 different countries, according to the school website. Debbi Damico, the International Student Advisor, said MC attracts these students … Continue reading The MC Melting Pot

Our Jasper Nation

Riko Mochizuki, a sophomore finance and economics major born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, came to Manhattan College two years ago with a dream of one day working on Wall Street. Mochizuki decided to attend an American school because of a larger variety of majors compared to schools in Japan. “American schools teach you more practical skills and knowledge to prepare you for the real … Continue reading Our Jasper Nation

Jasper Nation: Cassandre Tissot

For Cassandre Tissot, a sophomore marketing major and Spanish minor, global travel is fairly common. Growing up, Tissot split time between France, Argentina, Brazil and now the United States. Her hometown of Bordeaux, in the southwest region of France, is known as the city of wine, and is very different from New York City. Bordeaux lies one hour from the beach, and only two hours … Continue reading Jasper Nation: Cassandre Tissot

Thinking About What Diversity Really Means

PAM SEGURA SENIOR WRITER On April 10, students and professors engaged in a stirring conversation about race, racial justice and the sensitivity that surrounds these topics. It’s an excellent moment for the college, as it suggests that “diversity” is for effect, not just evocation. Dr. Charles W. Mills, professor of moral and intellectual philosophy at Northwestern University, led the discussion. The Center for Ethics co-sponsored … Continue reading Thinking About What Diversity Really Means

Lack of Open Conversation Leads to Lack of Diversity at MC

While we as humans have a duty to remain globally aware, it is not our responsibility as students of a college that claims to offer a global education to initiate campus-wide conversation about diversity. It is the administration’s obligation to provide opportunities for such discussion. Change in global awareness on this campus will not present itself unless the top-tier of this school makes a conscious … Continue reading Lack of Open Conversation Leads to Lack of Diversity at MC