Voices on the Quad

Voices On The Quad: Snow Day Edition

March 10, 2018

Aleksandra Lozanova Junior How have you been spending your snow day? “I was just studying the whole day and just resting. I’ve been using the time to just rest. I’m resting and sleeping as much as I can.” David Cartolano Senior How has your [...]

Voices on the Quad: Midterms Already?

March 9, 2018

Maria Nieto Senior How do you feel that it’s already the middle of the semester? Well, it flew by. I mean, it seemed like yesterday when we started. It seemed like it was just January. First, because February is so short and and January we only [...]

Students React to the Mascot Search

March 2, 2018

Alex Constantine Junior What do you think about Manhattan College’s search for a mascot? I think it’s pretty cool but I just hope they pick the right mascot for the school. What do you think the right mascot for the school would be? I think the [...]

Campus Reactions to Super Bowl LII

February 14, 2018

The full version of Voices on the Quad is posted below; the print edition of the Feb. 13 issue only had some of the interviews. Interviews conducted by Alexa Schmidt. Andrew Weingarten Director of Residence Life How long have you been an Eagles fan? [...]

Meet the New Scatterbombers

October 7, 2017

The Scatterbomb show on Sept. 29, entitled “Nothing to See Here,” welcomed two new members to the improvisational comedy troupe on campus. It was a show full of milk jug chugging, honey nut cheerio eating and white t-shirts. Two other new [...]

Puppies on the Quad for a Cause

September 29, 2017

Katherine Frost Major: English and Art History Do you think they should host this again? They should do this more often. It’s only a month in but it’s so stressful already and this just lets you get loose and breaks that barrier. Doug Huntington [...]