Spring Registration on the Mind

November 1, 2018

Interviews conducted and compiled by Nicole Rodriguez, Staff Writer Guadalupe Zamata Freshman, Engineering Major What’s your plan for registration? My plan this registration is to find the best time for all my classes. Finishing classes around 5 [...]

The Tech Debate

October 25, 2018

by Alexa Schmidt, Asst. A&E Editor From my experience with people and technology, you’re either an Apple person, or you’re not. PC’s and everything else in between remain the outliers to Apple consumers, and this debate remains prevalent [...]

Lee Hall’s 10th Birthday Party

October 9, 2018

by TAYLOR BRETHAUER, Editor-in-Chief It’s not every day that Manhattan College students celebrate the “birthday” of a building, but the residents and resident assistants of Lee Hall gathered together to throw a party for the college’s [...]