What Are Jaspers Thankful For?

December 6, 2019

Voices on the Quad Interviews Compiled by Anna Woods Caroline King Class of 2023 Quad: Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? Caroline: Yes, every year we skip a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and head to downtown Philadelphia for the Mid-Atlantic [...]

Senior Farewell

December 4, 2019

Joseph Liggio – Staff Writer, Asst. News Editor ‘17 – Spring ’19 I always knew coming into college that I wanted to get involved with the Quadrangle to some degree; admittedly I was kinda shy. A few weeks into first semester I showed [...]

Agape Latte:“Real Activism”

December 3, 2019

by August Kissel, Web Editor On Wednesday Nov. 20, the second and Thanksgiving themed Agape Latte of the semester began with a guest pianist, Gavin Reidy, the younger brother to Conor Reidy, playing some soft music while students filed in to Jasper [...]

DACA Vigil Held in Memorial Hall

November 20, 2019

On Tuesday Nov. 12, students around the country gathered to stand in solidarity to defend DACA. DACA stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals and is currently a pressing issue and debate in politics at the moment. At Manhattan College, [...]