New Member Alert! The MC Magazine Brings New Writers for Upcoming Issue

By Angelina Persaud, News Editor

The Manhattan College Magazine team is in full swing with new members offering a fresh perspective and sharing their love of creative writing. 

The MC Magazine is a student and faculty-operated publication within the English department. It allows students to voice their creativity through small writing projects, visual photo collections and other literary prose. 

Each spring there is a release party for both Manhattan Magazine and Logos. Students can be nominated for awards and contributors are able to see their work in the print issue. 

The newest members of the editorial staff all shared one thing in common: their love for creative writing as a community.

Dominika Wrozynski, Ph.D., is an English professor and has been the faculty advisor for the magazine for 10 years. 

“My favorite part of Manhattan Magazine is to see the incredibly talented student writers and artists’ final showcase for their work,” Wrozynski wrote in an email to The Quadrangle. “It is also rewarding to see student editors learn the skills of soliciting and selecting submissions and working on production and layout of, what is always a beautiful final product.” 

Senior, Victoria Aulov, is the advertising and social media coordinator for the magazine in which she designs fliers and engagement posts to help attract more wider audience to the magazine. 

Aulov explained that writing for the magazine wasn’t her first thought as she pursues a pre-law track. However, she’s expressed that she’s glad she took the chance to explore her options. 

“I found it was really interesting that they teach students writing, and that can be a publication that goes towards something you put on your resume,” Aulov said.

She also explained that joining the team has helped her expand her social horizon and make new connections. Additionally, it allowed her to step into another side of her college experience and enjoy writing in a new way. 

“You need to get out and get experiences that aren’t just oriented towards something you want to do,” Aulov said. “Join as many things as you can to realize where you find your place…it’s always a good way to find friends.” 

Claire Cunniffe, a junior English major, is also new to the magazine this semester and is one of four literary editors. She describes her role is consisted of editing and overseeing article submissions for upcoming issues. 

Currently, the literary editors accept submissions at least twice a semester in order to print for the upcoming semester issue; the next spring issue would follow after the most recent fall submissions. 

Cunniffe commented on what drew her to the magazine and the personal connection she has to the publication. 

“I really love English and I love writing, reading, poetry and fiction,” Cunniffe said. “I joined this semester because they put out applications and I love editing and wanted to finally have an editing experience.” 

Editing doesn’t come without struggle, Cunniffe also talked about the hardest part in her experience, which was adjusting to a new team and being able to navigate the flow of the magazine. 

“The first meeting was such a new experience,” Cunniffe said. “It was nerve-wracking to go in and talk to everyone, but it went really well and everyone is really nice. We all introduced ourselves and talked about the plans we have for the paper and fundraising.” 

The new addition to the visual arts editors is senior, digital media art major, Elena Willoughby. Their role entails working hand in hand with production to ensure the visual media and artwork submitted are up to standard for the current issue. 

They were drawn to join the team because of the self-expression students can have when working for a publication like the magazine. 

“I just wanted to branch out to a degree with the magazine because I just think it’s so important to have that type of media behind the college,” Willoughby said. “I like writing from students and I just think it’s really cool. I just like being involved with it, and being behind the scenes.” 

nThe club is currently accepting submissions for the upcoming issue. For more information, contact and follow @manhattan.magazine on Instagram.