Scatterbomb Gets Spooky with Halloween Themed Performance

Scatterbomb brought some humor to the spooky season with their first perfomance of the semester on Oct. 27th ANGELINA PEREZ / THE QUADRANGLE

By Maizy Swift, Asst. Production Editor

Manhattan College’s improv group,  Scatterbomb, brought some humor to the spooky season with their first performance of the semester on Oct. 27. 

Scatterbomb invited students to come and dress up as well as take part in a costume contest. The group had everyone in the room laughing with their ludicrous humor and crazy costumes. 

 Colin Ratner, junior student at MC and Scatterbomb member, said he had a great time performing at this show.

“The experience was fun and new, it’s a great creative outlet and the best part is the people I’ve met and grown closer to along the way,” Ratner said. 

Ratner has high hopes for what the future of Sactterbomb holds.

“I’m looking forward to future performances when we can polish off some of the unsavory aspects like the awkward silences,” Ratner said.

New member and freshman student Jason Matute had a very positive experience at his first show. 

“I feel better about myself now because I noticed everyone was laughing, everyone’s being funny,” Matute said. “All the years of past overthinking went away once I got on stage and now I’m fine.”

Mature said that going through his first show gave him some experience and confidence that will help him in the future with his performance. He also hopes that the group can progress even more in upcoming shows. 

“I  hope in the future that of course we have more fun, and we also learn some new things, and we also get together better as a team,” Matute said.

Matute encourages more MC students to attend Scatterbomb shows in the future.

“ I would say, come because you’re having a great time, everyone’s laughing and ultimately [you] meet new people and make new friends,” Matute said. 

An audience member, Andrew Bolanos, a freshman at Manhattan, came to support his friends who are a part of Scatterbomb.

“I feel enlightened on what my friend can do because he’s using the performance and I’m proud of him, I got to support them,” Bolanos said. 

Bolanos, never having seen a Scatterbomb performance, can see the positive impact the improv group has on students.

“You can have fun, you can be yourself and no one really cares because everyone’s just here to have fun times, anyone can join,” Bolanos said. 

Rory O’Connor, a junior at MC and fellow audience member was also attending his first Scatterbomb show. 

“ It was really good,” O’Connor said. “I’ve never been to one of these before, it was my first time out and it was fun and a cool way for people to be creative.”

O’Connor also mentioned he would consider joining the group because of what they do for the MC community.

“They [Scatterbomb] give people a chance to be great, you never get a chance like this once you join a community,” O’Connor.  

Another audience member, Mathew Renda, a junior at MC, also attended Scatterbomb for the first time.

“I liked how festive it was, the people had cool costumes and it got the audience in the spirit for Halloween,” Renda said.