MC Rankings Point Towards Positive Campus Outlook

MC main Quad turns picturesque colors in the fall. ANGELINA PERSAUD/THE QUADRANGLE

By Angelina Persaud, News Editor, Grace Cardinal, Asst. News Editor

Manhattan College continues to show an upward projection in national ranking status among other schools in the nation for its various programs and student outcomes. 

Traditionally, MC ranks highly among both private and public colleges in the U.S. but has shown significant improvement in recent statistics. These polls have been conducted among 3.5 million participants representing more than 2,400 colleges and universities across the nation.

The 2023 Payscale College Salary Report revealed an increase in graduates’ mid-year salary after leaving MC.

According to, “The ranking, which is based solely on earning potential, reveals that the College’s mid-career salary of $152,400, outpaces universities such as USC, the University of Chicago and Wesleyan University.” 

Currently, this places MC in rank 13 out of 118 for both private and public universities, beating out local rival schools such as Fordham University. 

  In terms of private, faith-based institutions, MC is ranked sixth out of 559 across the nation. 

The real significance of these numbers is seen through MC’s improvement in graduate salary with a total increase of $77,300 from the previous year’s report. 

The U.S. News and World Report conducts surveys for colleges and universities including those that offer graduate programs. They mainly depend on responses from administrators regarding the outcomes and academic offerings of that particular institution. 

There was a four-way tie for thirteenth place, between Emerson College, Ithaca College, Manhattan College and Siena College. 

MC also rose through the ranks for colleges in the region that promote social mobility, moving up from 86 to 51 in 2023. This places MC in the top 50 best-value colleges in the region. 

President of MC, Milo Riverso, Ph.D., highlighted MC’s upward shift in rankings as the reflection of both the effort of students and faculty. He specifically credits MC’s academic programs with attracting a wider audience, leading to these new results. 

“We are proud to be recognized by the U.S. News & World Report for our commitment to providing a high-quality education to our students,” Riverso said. “It also demonstrates our commitment to social mobility and that a Manhattan College education provides opportunities for students to achieve great things.”

With ROTC and veteran programs continuing to develop on campus to support students in the military, MC did not go unrecognized for its efforts in enabling quality education for student veterans. 

The college, “ranked third, up from sixth in 2023 among regional universities, continuing its perennial recognition as a school that embraces those who have served in the military,” according to 

There was also a slight rise in rankings for the engineering program at MC with the college coming in fortieth, beating out its previous standing at forty-second. 

Likewise, the business and teaching programs made significant improvements coming in at 310th and eighth place respectively.