Meet the Manhattan College Alumni Society

By Isaiah Rosario, Sports editor

Manhattan College alumni come together to represent former Jaspers and advocate for current students through its long standing alumni society. The alumni society at MC was founded in 1869 and is the oldest catholic alumni society in the United States. 

According to the constitution of the alumni society, its purpose is to promote the general welfare of the college and to develop an active and enduring interest in all the affairs of the college. 

The alumni society’s love for the college and its peers could be dated back to the 1980s, when the U.S. was in a recession. The society was able to put together organized seminars for alumni and students to help them seek employment. In 2023, it continues to do that with events such as the career fair and the mentorship program. 

“The mentoring program and the job fair are two important events that I plan on participating in whenever possible,” Bill Harkins, a member of the class of 1967 said. “Since I have an apartment in the Bronx, I am able to go to most of the events that are held at the college.”

Additionally, the alumni society plays an important role in inducting people into the athletic hall of fame. The 44th induction ceremony of the Athletic Hall of Fame takes place on Nov. 11., which helps recognize many of the great athletes of MC. 

Harkins serves on the selection committee which is responsible for inducting former athletes into the Athletic Hall of Fame. He stated that the Athletic Hall of Fame is an important way of recognizing alumni who have made a significant contribution to the college through their athletic endeavors.

The current president of the alumni society is Robert Colletti, a member of the class of 1991. Each president of the Alumni Society has a term of three years. His main goal during his tenure is to make sure that there is awareness for the alumni society. 

One of the main goals for the alumni society is to make sure people understand the value of creating a better college. 

“15 years ago, I started attending the quarterly meetings and I’ve built wonderful relationships and opportunities because of the alumni society. For example, speaking to students at the school at various events and participating in different events. It’s been beneficial to my personal life, both from a social and professional perspective,” Colletti said.  

Michael F. McEneny, a member of the class of 1953, stated that his friends were able to keep in touch about the college and its activities during his time away from school which ultimately led him to the alumni society. 

“I was involved in various groups while I was a student at Manhattan in 1953,” McEneny said. “When I graduated, I was drafted on November 19th, out of law school, and came back. While I was away, many of my friends and classmates wrote to me and kept me involved and up to date.”

The alumni society is also involved with the awarding of the Joseph J. Gunn Alumni Medal. The Gunn Media is awarded to a graduating senior who has made the most significant contribution to Manhattan College during their undergraduate years. The award’s recipient is someone who prioritizes excellence, leadership and service. This medal is considered one of the most prestigious awards that is given to seniors. 

The alumni society will continue to allow students and alumni to connect and share their love for the school. The majority of alumni see great value in joining the alumni society.

“Whether it’s for current students, or whether it’s for much older alums, the alumni society is about building a strong community, it’s also good for networking and giving back,” Colletti said. “There are many alumni events throughout the course of the year that I’m not sure alumni are fully aware of. Attending some of those events and getting to know your fellow alums is important. For younger alums, it could lead to letters of recommendation, internships and even jobs. That’s part of the value of the alumni society.”