Scatterbomb Welcomes New Members; Word of Upcoming Halloween-Themed Performance

Last year’s final show: Scatterprom. SCATTERBOMB/COURTESY

By Maizy Swift, Assistant Production Editor

Scatterbomb welcomed some new members, who are excited to be a part of the group and take part in their upcoming performance. Since last semester the improv group has lost most of their members due to graduation, leaving the club with only three returning members. The president of the club, Chayse Martino, and the vice president Angelina Perez needed to recruit new members.

Eliz Ohanian, a sophomore student at Manhattan College, recently joined Scatterbomb. Being new to theater, Ohanian is excited to be a part of the group this year and expresses the new experiences she has already learned thus far.

“I have had no experience with anything theater-related, and I went into it not knowing anything,” Ohanian said. It’s only been a couple of weeks and I’ve already learned so much stuff about just a different art form because it is an art form, It’s another form of expression.”

Scatterbomb has already been a positive creative outlet for Ohanian, she explained what she has learned from being a part of an improv group. 

“It’s a lot about how you interact with different people and establish those settings and storylines without really having anything to go off of, which is kind of cool to me, and it’s just another outlet for being creative, which is cool,” Ohanian said.

For Ohanian, Scatterbomb offers the freedom of expression and the freedom to be yourself. 

“I think having an outlet where there’s no judgment and you can just be creative and kind of do random stuff, but still have it be a form of expressing yourself, that’s kind of cool because that’s not something you get to do often,” Ohanian said.
Furthermore, part of what makes Scatterbomb such a great outlet for Ohanian is her peers who participate.

“All the people I’ve met here are really cool and it’s good to just kind of unplug your brain and the only thing you really need to think about is making other people laugh,” Ohanian said.

Another new member, Jason Matute, who is a Freshman student at Manhattan, had prior experience with performing which made him interested in joining the club. 

“People think I’m generally funny and in the past at my old high school I volunteered in talent shows for guys,” Matute said. “I didn’t have the talents, I don’t sing, I don’t dance, but I just made a funny skit with my friends and we won so that gave me a little bit of confidence.”

To Matute, being a part of Scatterbomb means having fun and giving a reason to come together, which is an important aspect of campus life. 

“Scatterbomb is an important part of campus life because it allows people to laugh because college is stressful,” Matute explained. “It’s my first year of college, I’m barely holding it together, it allows people to let loose and have fun.”

Akhil Natarajan, another sophomore student, has been watching the Scatterbomb performances since last year. He finally took the leap to join when his friend offered to try out as well. 

“These guys are really, really funny,” Natarajan said. “I’ve been to a bunch of their shows. I was really scared to audition but then Eliz was like, if you go with me, I’ll go.”

Natarajan advises other students who are interested to join in the fun of Scatterbomb for themselves by joining the group.

  “Take the leap to just do it, you know if you do bits with friends what’s the harm? It’s no different from just doing the bits you do with friends except for a few extra steps.”

Scatterbomb has already begun preparing for its Halloween-themed performance, which will be held in Hayden hall room 100 on Oct. 27. at 9 p.m. Be sure to watch the performance and come in your Halloween costume, there will be a costume contest!

For more updates on their events, follow their Instagram @scatterbombmc