Manhattan College Student Government Welcomes Two Freshman Vice Presidents

Ashley Zegler and Shu Amanuma were elected as freshman vice presidents for the class of 2027. MANHATTAN.EDU/COURTESY

By Isaiah Rosario, Sports Editor

Freshmen Ashley Zegler and Shu Amanuma have been elected the vice presidents for the class of 2027 and they are looking to pave the way for the future students of Manhattan College. 

Both Amanuma and Zegler participated in their high school student governments and maintained leadership roles with the hopes of transferring their knowledge of student government to a collegiate level.

Student body president Jazi Riley spoke to The Quadrangle via email about what qualities are important for a valuable freshman representative. 

“The ‘ideal’ freshman [vice presidential candidate] is one who is eager to learn and is open to new experiences,” Riley wrote. “Many abilities, I believe, can be gained through accountability and discipline if you are willing to try and make the effort. It’s crucial to actively listen to your classmates while also outlining your goals and strategies for the campaign and through your term.”

One issue that both vice presidents voiced their concerns about was the gap between commuters and residents on campus. MC is known to have a high commuter population and both Zegler and Amanuma are looking to take the initiative to bridge the gap between the two groups.

“One of which [concerns me] is developing the freshman class community,” Zegler wrote in an email to The Quadrangle. “Manhattan College has a significant commuter population. I believe that creating more freshman-centered events and activities accessible to both residents and commuter students could potentially help this issue.”

 In addition, a problem that many students face, outside of just freshmen, revolves around mental health and well-being. For many students on campus, this is the first time they have been away from their families for an extended period. 

Amanuma stated that she will make sure resources are open and available for newer students to ensure their time at MC is enjoyable. 

“I’ve personally talked to a couple of the counselors and they are here to support us and are here to welcome the newer freshman and allocate time for that,” Amanuma said. “I will promote these resources in a way that is more accessible and visible in the freshmen [student] body.”

A major concern for both vice presidents has been the issue of budget cuts across the college. Although the vice presidents are not able to promise anything at the moment, they ensure that they will work to the best of their ability to make sure that the freshman class can enjoy their college experience to the fullest.

“Another significant issue many students have faced is the consequences of budget costs,” Zegler wrote. “While I can not promise any specific result, I hope to meet and converse with administrators to develop an understanding of the root of this budget cut and find a beneficial approach for both parties regarding growing the campus culture and maintaining important events or traditions.”

Amanuma has a similar approach to addressing the budget cuts, as she hopes to maintain a positive college experience for her class despite the lack of budget the college is facing.  

“As of now, we have been notified of the budget cuts which is something that the club leaders and members have shown concerns about, yet these should not become an obstacle when I try to achieve the best experience for the freshman class, such as bringing the grade together as a cohesive community, and by collaborating with the administration and faculty,” Amanuma wrote. “I believe they will be an amazing resource as a supporting hand, as I am very new to this big role, trying to navigate to strive for the best outcomes for the freshman class.”