Residence Life and Communication Club Collaborate to Put on The Manhattan College Talent Show

The Communication Club hosted a Student Showcase Social last semester in

By Mary Haley, Asst. Social Media Manager

The Communication Club, along with Residence Life, are collaborating to put on a talent show for the campus community. 

Flyers have been seen around campus since the beginning of the semester showing the times and locations for three separate audition days, also explaining that any and all talent is welcome, whether the performances are in group or solo acts. 

Residence Life planned this event with the hopes that it will be an engaging program that can be enjoyed by all students. Laura Mojica, residential success coordinator for residence life, worked alongside her team of Learning Community Assistants (LCA) to organize the times and locations for auditions to be held. 

“I am overseeing for the most part but I’m [also] taking a back seat and trying to let my LCAs and the Comm Club have as much liberty and freedom as possible with [the event],” said Mojica. “I believe in letting students manage things, but because I work here, I am able to push things out a bit more.”

Mojica explained to The Quadrangle that as a part of residence life, it is imperative that she works to make the campus environment welcoming and exciting for the first six weeks of the school year. This is in order to excite students to be back on campus and especially to engage and familiarize first year students with life at Manhattan College. 

“We worked on creating the first six weeks of programming and one of the first things that we did so far, which was a success, was Jasper Wars,” Mojica said. “Now we are working on our next big event to end off the first six weeks, which is the talent show.”

While Mojica and the LCAs started organizing times and locations for auditions at the end of summer break, the Communication Club reached out to get involved with the event as well, since they have hosted a talent show in the past.

“Angelina Perez, who is an LCA, came up and was like ‘Hey, the [Communication Club] asked if they could be a part of the talent show because they’ve done it before,’” said Mojica. “I was like, absolutely they can do that, I’ve never ran a talent show in my life! I will take all the help I can get.”

Sage Clarke, secretary and treasurer of the Communication Club, explained how they found much success at their last talent event for students in collaboration with WRCM this past spring. 

“[The planning] for this event is a bit inspired by our spring social last semester.” Clarke said. “We had it so that anybody could show any kind of talent or artwork they wanted. So obviously when residence life wanted to do [the talent show], we wanted to be a part of it.”

Along with welcoming students to audition for the show, the Communication Club encourages all students to join their club and see the work they do, as one of their goals is to create events on campus for all students. Clarke expressed her thoughts on how being a communication major benefits the process of putting together the event.

“We want to create events where anybody can participate, even if you’re not a part of specific groups, you can always just show up [to our events],” Clarke said. “I think communication is a big part of planning the event and communicating it to people. So we think that it shows that you can use the major in simpler, different ways than you might expect.” 

Although rounds of auditions were held in various locations on campus in the beginning to middle of September, the club is hosting a last round of auditions on Wednesday, Sept. 20, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Kelly Commons 4.01. Colin Ratner, president of the Communication Club, spoke on what he has planned for the show and the last round of auditions. 

“We’re actually [also] going to do an online tryout, so it gives commuters more of a chance to get involved and other people who might not want to be up onstage in front of five people just looking at them,” Ratner said. “So we’re giving people another opportunity to Zoom or Google Meet on Wednesday.”

The Communication Club plans to make this semester’s talent show different, as their event in the spring was more of a social event for students to showcase artwork and performances.

“This one has more stakes,” Ratner said. “There is also a prize that has been in the works for a bit, and rumor has it that the MC president might be there.”

If you are interested in the Manhattan College Talent Show, it will take place in Smith Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. on Oct. 6.