New CAS Center Coming to Lee Hall

The new learning center on the 6th floor of Lee set to be opened in 2 weeks. MAIZY SWIFT/THE QUADRANGLE

By Maizy Swift, Asst. Production Editor

Manhattan College’s Center of Academic Success is set to open a new learning center on the sixth floor in Lee Hall. This center will allow for students to receive tutoring in a variety of different classes and subjects, as well as a place for meetings to be held. 

Sarah Glessner, director of the center of academic success, collaborated with Matt Lewis, director of residence life, to make it happen. The center primarily targets first year students, however is open to any Manhattan College student who wishes to utilize it. 

“It’s really a collaboration between our department, CAS and Residence Life,” said Glessner. “We’re hoping that this collaboration brings more first year students in. I’m hoping that having a presence in the residence hall will make students that maybe were not so likely to come into the other CAS spaces, walk by and they’ll be like ‘Oh you know, this is in my hall, I could really use help with this paper like maybe I’ll just pop in’.”

Glessner, hoping to make the center more accessible to students, says the center in Lee is also meant to be open in the evening, rather than the other CAS offices in Thomas Hall. 

“So, right now the hours are going to be Monday through Thursday from five to 10 p.m.. We figured we’re going to be in the residence hall, let’s have evening hours because that’s when students will be back in their dorms and we’ll be more likely to have I think more people come by.”

Lewis expressed that he wanted all students to know they are welcome to utilize this space. 

“This is for all students,” said Lewis. “That’s why we sent the email to everybody because even commuter students can log in here and see what programs are happening”

The CAS center in Lee has more use than simply a tutoring space, and Lewis is hoping that Arches and other faculty will also use the space for their needs.

“So, we’re really working with CAS to make sure that supplemental instruction and tutoring services can be provided,” said Lewis. “Also, it’s a space where our Arches is also housed in Lee Hall and we’re hoping that the faculty who are teaching in that community are also able to make use of that space. There is a private office for office hours. They can meet students after hours, do instruction or individual meetings to help support them.”

There is also a new position for student staff offered in this CAS Center for those who want to get more involved.

“We have a new student staff position that we created this year called the learning community assistant,” Lewis said. “That position works with all students who live on campus. So, whether they’re continuing, new or they live in Horan or Chrysostom or Jasper, they’ll work with those students to provide different kinds of opportunities.”

The CAS Center is not only a great opportunity for students to take advantage of tutoring, but also for students to apply to work in as well. 

Teresa Nunan, a senior majoring in English and a CAS writing consultant, explained her role in CAS as a student staff member.

“I was a writing fellow last year,” Nunan explained. “We focused on English 110, which is the class like the freshmen have to take. We’d go into their classes, but this year it’s like general writing, so it can be [for] anyone.”

Sometimes it’s hard for students to start tutoring, which is why Nunan feels it’s important for students to feel comfortable to reach out. 

“I mean, I think a lot of people are so nervous to come to tutoring,” said Nunaen. “There’s such a stigma around it, so I think what we wanted to do was have a place that’s like, in like their home, associated with that comfortability.”

The most important thing is that students feel safe and supported when receiving tutoring. 

“I’d say don’t be afraid to use it as a resource because it’s scary asking for help,” Nunan said. “Just know that we are here to help you, we want you to succeed and we don’t come in and make fun of your paper, we want to help you.”

Be sure to check out the new CAS center on the sixth floor of Lee Hall when it opens in two weeks, and don’t be afraid to ask for some tutoring help!