Dear Readers,
Hello and welcome back to campus! I hope you’ve had a restful and relaxing summer break and made it to campus okay. For those of you that are new here, my name is Jocelyn Visnov and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of The Quadrangle. Each week, a team of very talented writers and editors and I will be bringing you your campus and community news.

As with any new beginning, we’re faced with new challenges. Due to budget constraints and rising printing costs, The Quadrangle will be operating a little differently this semester. The Quadrangle will be printing a limited run of newspapers on a monthly basis for the duration of the fall semester. However, we are still publishing new articles across all sections almost every week!

Weekly articles will be posted online on mcquad.org and issuu.com/mcquad. I highly recommend you follow us on social media (@mcquad) on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to keep up with the latest updates from The Quadrangle. If you would like to contribute to our printing efforts and preserve The Quadrangles print traditions,
please consider donating to our gofundme page.

I would like to introduce you to the revived version of The Quadrangles newsletter, The JasperJist. While there is no real substitute for print journalism, The JasperJist is part of how The Quad is adapting to rising printing prices in an increasingly digital world of news.

Each time The Quadrangle publishes a new issue, The JasperJist gives you the rundown of our most recent news stories and interesting campus updates with links to articles on The Quadrangles website to keep you up-to-date and informed. This newsletter is intended for all members of the Manhattan College community, including faculty, friends, family and Jaspers of the past and present. Subscribe to The JasperJist by using the QR code below, or clicking the link on our instagram story highlights.

As a reminder, The Quadrangle is always looking for new writers, editors and designers to join our team! We hold open meetings each Tuesday in Kelly 4.12 at 4pm. All majors are welcome, no prior writing experience necessary. Please feel free to drop by and say hello!

If you have a pitch for The Quadrangle or something you feel may be of interest for our publication, please email tips to thequad@manhattan.edu, or message me personally at jvisnov01@manhattan.edu.

Thank you for supporting The Quadrangle and staying up-to-date on your campus news! See you next week!