9 Civil Engineering Students Receive ACEC Scholarships

By Lauren Raziano, Multimedia Editor

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of New York awarded nine Manhattan College civil engineering students with scholarships totaling $34,500. The students received scholarships in amounts ranging from $1,500 to $10,000.

Scholarships were awarded to students based on a number of factors, such as student’s cumulative grade point averages, leadership positions, work activities and written responses. These criteria were included to showcase the diverse backgrounds and skills of the selected students.  

Anirban De, Ph.D., the current interim dean of engineering, recognizes how the scholarships exemplify MC students and the engineering academic programs.

“The ACEC scholarships recognize talented engineering students for their academic excellence and involvement in the engineering discipline,” De wrote in an email to The Quadrangle. “Our engineering students feature prominently among the scholarship recipients every year and I believe that is a testament to the high quality of our students and the industry’s trust in the educational and professional preparation our students receive when they attend the School of Engineering at Manhattan College.”

Recent graduate, John Ng ’23, was awarded a $10,000 ACEC New York Merit Scholarship-NYC Department of Environmental Protection. In an article from manhattan.edu, Ng shared why he chose to pursue a career in engineering.

“Very few engineers are still alive today who have witnessed the construction of our subways, sewers, and roads,” Ng said in the article. “I chose a career in civil engineering to carry on the legacy of building infrastructure that keeps the city running. To me, the scholarship is an affirmation that I can make a real impact on improving the infrastructure of our cities to meet 21st century demands.”

The ACEC scholarship program was launched in 2002 to support up-and-coming engineers. Prior to interim dean, De was the chairperson of the civil and environmental engineering department. In their email, they shared their information about the history of the ACEC scholarship program. 

“A community of engineering companies have come together to fund the ACEC scholarships,” De wrote. “ACEC is a national organization and we are served by the ACEC of NY. The purpose of the scholarships is to support qualified engineering students by providing them financial rewards, which will help with covering their educational expenses and encourage them to join the engineering workforce (as interns and full-time employees).”

Emily Specht ’24, was named the recipient of the $5,000 Hazen and Sawyer Scholarship. According to the Hazen and Sawyer press release, the ACEC New York scholarship program was implemented to support up-and-coming engineers, thereby guaranteeing a strong future for the profession in New York State.

Orlando Blanco ’23 received a $3,500 scholarship from Langan Engineering, Environmental, Surveying and Landscape Architecture, DPC Scholarship. 

Nicholas Badillo ’24, received a $3,500 scholarship titled WSP USA Inc. Scholarship. In addition to Badillo, Samantha Perricelli, Edgar Moreno, John Henry Genualdo and Maryam Asgari were awarded $2,500 scholarships from Schwartz Engineering Scholarship, Infrastructure Engineering Inc., P.C. Scholarship, Arup Scholarship and Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers respectively.  

Evan Rivera, a senior civil engineering major, was awarded the Stantec Scholarship, valued at $2,500. 

“I think this scholarship is a perfect example of what Manhattan College does for students, specifically in engineering,” Rivera said to The Quadrangle. “The connections that you make at the school, both in terms of your classmates and faculty, is top tier. I’ve landed internships for two summers, I got a full time job offer already and I’m just starting my senior year.”

Rivera spoke about his plans after graduation, continuing with a company that has previously hired MC alumni. 

“The company I’m working at is filled with Manhattan College graduates all the way from the bottom to the top top position in the company, so I would say the college is very helpful with making connections outside of the industry.” Rivera said. 

De wrote about what advice they would give to students that want to apply to an ACEC scholarship.

“Students should find out as much as possible about the organization and their motivation for awarding the scholarships,” De wrote. “ACEC always hosts an informational meeting in late fall in which some of their top leaders visit the College to tell our students about their mission and types of projects the member companies are working on.”

Students must also be prepared to write essays and have faculty recommendation letters. 

“Students should attend the informational meetings and ask questions,” De said. “That way, they are well prepared when they have to write their personal statements and request recommendations from their professors.” 

As a first generation college student, Rivera recognizes the impact that scholarships like ACEC have, especially for minority students.

“Just to re-emphasize, students, especially minority students, should take advantage of these opportunities,” Rivera said. “College is expensive. So in order to help ourselves out, definitely apply for this scholarship if you can.”

De is grateful for ACEC New York for their support for the MC engineering community. 

“On behalf of the engineering students and faculty of Manhattan College, I am grateful to the members of ACEC New York for their continued support.” De wrote.