New Progressive Action Coalition Brings a Political Club Back to Campus Community

The Political Action Coalition meets in Miguel Hall to discuss their interest in progressive politics and current events. @MC_P.A.C/COURTESY

By Nicole Fitzsimmons, Senior Writer

The Progressive Action Coalition recently kicked off their first two meetings on campus and are thinking about new opportunities to engage the local community alongside Manhattan College’s campus community in education about political issues, discussions, advocacy about important topics and fundraising or volunteering on campus or in the community.

Kaitlyn McDonald, junior political science major, introduced this idea upon realizing there were no active politics clubs at MC anymore. Originally, there was an inactive club titled the “Politics and Government Club,”  so McDonald decided to jumpstart a new group on campus with a focus on progressiveness, education and advocacy.

“I really liked the name because I really want to try to be progressive on this campus,” McDonald said. “Politics is a very important part of everybody’s lives and I want our campus to understand that, know that and be educated.”

McDonald brought this idea to Margaret Groarke, Ph.D, professor of political science, who agreed that a community engaged in these goals is important on campus.

“Students have an important role to play in being politically active on issues that they care about, so I’m happy to assist a new political club get off the ground,” Groarke wrote in an email to the Quadrangle. “I, and other faculty, are also happy to help students with other political interests and perspectives organize themselves.”

At their second meeting, a discussion occurred about opportunities members want to provide or take part in. Some ideas included inviting guest speakers on campus, volunteering at local advocacy organizations, participating in campus community building and fundraising activities.

“Our goal is to really help the Manhattan College community and to also help the community of Riverdale and the Bronx as a whole,” McDonald said. “I definitely want to do some volunteer work and get people educated that aren’t really too educated. You know, we have the primary coming up and then we have a presidential election again already next year. So, I think it’s important that everybody is as educated as they can be and taking full force.”

These goals are examples of reasons other students are passionate about the jumpstart of this coalition. One member, Fiona Mohl, a sophomore political science major, emphasizes the importance of students engaging in discussion and advocacy in our current political climate.

“It’s very important for our generation to get involved with what’s going on because a lot of our politicians nowadays are older generations that aren’t as woke or interested in the younger generations,” Mohl said. “So, we kind of have to advocate for ourselves, and that starts with having a discussion on campus and then bringing it out to the community.”

Meetings are currently scheduled for every other Wednesday at 4 p.m. and are going to be announced on their Instagram @mc_p.a.c. The Progressive Action Coalition is looking to recruit new members and create a bigger presence on campus and in the Riverdale and Bronx community.