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The Quadrangle has been my only constant throughout my four years at Manhattan College. It has served as my defining characteristic, identity and “fun fact” in almost every classroom introductory ice-breaker. I have been so lucky to experience the mentorship mentality that runs through the Quad, and can’t imagine college without it.

One of the Quad’s former editors-in-chief, Megan Dreher, showed me the Quad scholarship at a Jasper Dancer clinic in 2019. Her encouragement for me to try out for that team and apply for this scholarship shaped my entire college experience. Gabriella DePinho, her successor, gave me my first masthead role and calmed all my fears surrounding it. Pete Janny took me under his wing as his assistant for the sports section, something I never thought I would be any good at and now can’t imagine my life without. In the fall of 2021, I took a sports reporting and writing class taught by Jared Diamond. Under his guidance, Maddie Mulkigian and I were able to break a story in the Quad about the women’s volleyball coach’s vaccination status that gained national attention and was aggregated by the New York Post.

When Pete stepped down as sports editor, Kyla Guilfoil and Jilleen Barrett, two of the most powerful women I have ever been lucky enough to work with, took a chance on me. Their decision to give me the role and later name me a managing editor literally changed my life.

I found my niche for reporting on the Manhattan College coaching staff sagas, tormented Masiello for a few years and learned the importance of journalism that doesn’t make everybody happy. I faced backlash from the administration, formed relationships with athletes and grew as both a writer and storyteller with every byline.

My goals coming into this position were to encourage more female sportswriters to join the team and distribute coverage equally among Manhattan sports. My assistants, Maddie Mulkigian, Angelica Niedermeyer and Isaiah Rosario, were instrumental in this effort and frequently carried the section themselves.

My work on the Quad earned me an internship at the Yankee Entertainment and Sports [YES] Network and later my current role as a digital intern at the New York Post. I fittingly had my first byline reporting on Manhattan College coaching staff changes on the basketball team in the Post’s sports section earlier this month. I often think about the very first assignment in Thom Gencarelli’s Comm 101 class, which asked us why we wanted to be a communications major. I wrote about my lifelong dream to be a journalist in New York City and be a part of something special. Thom told me Manhattan College could make that happen for me and it has. The Quadrangle has taken me outside of my comfort zone so many times that I have had to redefine the concept as a whole, and I am so grateful for every opportunity I have gained from it.


Asst.Features Editor | Arts and Entertainment Editor

When I came to Manhattan, I had big dreams of doing the most college-y thing I could think of: joining the student newspaper. However, my 18 year old nerves got the best of me. Sticking my neck out, interviewing people I didn’t know and writing things for others to read just seemed like too big a mountain to climb. When COVID hit, and the first half of college went by in a flash, I found myself a second semester sophomore with nothing to do other than sit in a dorm room. My roommate, Kelly Cwik, was writing for The Quad, and she offered to co-write an article with me. I conducted my first-ever interview next to Kelly over Google Meet, using the Lee Hall wardrobes as a backdrop. When it was published, we taped it up on our wall, and drew a little heart around the byline. That byline became the first of many, and the catalyst of an amazing two and half years with The Quad.

I have The Quad to thank for a lot of things, but most of all, I am thankful that it has given me the confidence to pursue something I love, and the people who pushed me along that path. I am so grateful for Anna Woods and Christine Nappi, who took a chance on me and let me take over the Assistant Features Editor position mid-semester (I also have to thank Anna for doing a semester in DC and letting me borrow the Quad Scholar spot; I learned so much in one semester). I’m so grateful for Kyla Guilfoil, who trusted me to be her A&E Editor. I am incredibly and eternally grateful for my other section editors, Jilleen Barrett, Nicole Fitzsimmons and Cari McCarthy, for listening to me complain, answering all my AP style questions and for pushing me to be a better journalist, whether they knew they were doing it or not. And I am endlessly thankful for Nick Gilewicz, for all his help and guidance despite my lack of a Comm major.

The Quad has meant so much to me, and has been one of the most important parts of my time in Manhattan. Journalism could’ve stayed an intimidating, unattainable concept forever, but this paper and these people brought it within reach for me. Without The Quad, I wouldn’t have the experience I needed to get a real internship at a real paper and maybe even someday get a real job doing journalism. No matter where I end up down the road, I’m so glad I got to do journalism here first, with all of you.



While I may not have been the most consistent writer for The Quad, I found my place as the photography editor. With my previous experience primarily in fashion photography, The Quad allowed me to further develop my passion by exploring new subjects. This role also taught me how to take a more critical view of the composition of photos and how they communicate to audiences. I greatly value these skills and the knowledge I gained during my time at The Quad. Everything I’ve learned here will help guide me in my pursuit of fashion journalism and photography after college!

I truly enjoyed helping writers bring their articles to life through pictures. I’ve seen how hard everyone involved works to make every issue a reality, so I’m grateful to have been a small part of that. I know The Quad is being left in the best hands possible and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here!


Staff Writer | Asst. News \ Asst. Features | News Editor | Senior Writer

The Quadrangle was my first introduction into Manhattan College and it continued to be a home space for my entire experience here. Through different future plans, direction changes and tragedy, my spot as a writer for the Quad remained constant and important to me. Looking back on my experience entering as a freshman – where I was extremely shy and a bit confused about my new setting as a college student– I always thought the older members of the masthead were cool, smart. Of course, I was intimidated.

Fast forward to working alongside these upperclassmen as assistant news and features editor, I realized they were as awesome as they seemed. When Anna Woods, EIC at the time and graduating senior, offered me a spot to be news editor in my upcoming junior year, I remember shopping with my boyfriend and immediately calling my dad in shock. I took this as motivation to keep growing and succeeding in this experience. My time as news editor carried me into my junior year and into my senior year with EIC Kyla Guilfoil, and became a spot where I felt appreciated, welcomed, open and professional on campus. I don’t know what my Manhattan College experience would have been like without this role. I gained so many skills and important knowledge in organization, leadership, detail, writing, and time management– pretty much a bunch of skills I can use for every role I take on.

Some landmark moments I want to mention as a farewell to the Quad is my first experience seeing my name in print, bringing issues back to my parents and family to read, co-writing and making new friends freshman year and being news editor during a pandemic. Amidst these moments, I realized more about our publication than that it taught me to learn so many skills and created so many memories. Moreso, I truly know and understand that the newspaper on campus is essential to the community.

The writers I have come into contact with have such a passion for truth and community that is so welcoming to see on a small campus, and even more important to see in an uncertain period in time. I always loved the quote “Democracy dies in darkness,” and I think our publication emphasizes some of the key aspects of journalism that are so important. I am going to miss this community in my next experiences, but am going to carry its most important values on. Thank you to the Quadrangle for a great and unforgettable experience. Thank you to the MC community for trusting our reporting. Thank you to the staff for trusting me these past 4 years.


Staff Writer | Asst. News Editor | Editor-in-Chief | Senior Writer

Never in a million years did I think that a little closet on the fourth floor of Kelly, would be where I felt most at home during my time at Manhattan College. I remember being equally terrified as I was starry eyed when walking into the Quadrangle scholarship workshop my freshman year. Never in a million years did I think it would change my life in the way that it did. Being elected Editor-in-Chief my sophomore year altered the trajectory of my life. All my successes I’ve achieved at MC I accredit to what I’ve learned on the Quad. Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my time here has been the friendships I’ve made. Working on the Quad is strange, heartbreaking, and extraordinary all at the same time. It’s a weird place that only
those who have worked on it truly understand. Thank you to the strong female leaders that came before me; Megan Dreher and Gabs DePinho, who modeled what true leadership is in the face of adversity. They both pushed and encouraged to want more for myself and chase after my dreams. Nick Gilewicz, thank you being our soundboard in times of crisis and the paper’s biggest cheerleader. To my fellow seniors, I am honored to have written alongside these past four years. To everyone on the paper that I have to say goodbye to, continue fighting the good fight and never stop writing. There’s a quote from Wicked the musical that best encapsulates my feelings towards The Quadrangle: “Because I knew you I have been changed for good.” Thank you for everything.


Asst. Sports Editor | Senior Writer

I am so thankful to The Quadrangle for the experience and friends I gained
while being part of this community. Coming into Manhattan College, I never would have thought that I was capable of finding and covering the amazing stories I did. The Quad al-
lowed me to explore myself as a reporter and writer and pushed me to find stories I would have been too scared to do four years ago. I can walk away from this experience with my
head held high and a portfolio of pieces I am proud to call my own. There is nothing like
the community that The Quadrangle creates and I will be forever thankful for the support
this paper has given me.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Cari McCarthy and Kyla Guilfoil for
being such amazing supporters during my time with The Quad. Thank you to everyone
who was involved in and read my articles- I hope to continue to provide entertainment in
my future career in public relations!


Staff Writer | Asst. Production Editor | Asst. Social Media Editor | Social Media Editor | Senior Writer

I am so grateful for these past four years here at Manhattan College. Going away to college was so scary for me, and looking back I can’t see why I was ever even nervous. I’ve had an even better college experience than I ever could have imagined.

So much has changed since I was a freshman, but every Tuesday at 4pm I was always in the same place. Joining the Quad was the first thing I ever did at college, and I am so happy I made that choice. I became a part of the Quadrangle as a Quadrangle Scholar my freshman year along with Cari, Anna and Nicole. It is so crazy to look back at where I was four years ago, sitting in the club room during freshman orientation knowing no one. I am so grateful for the scholarship, and it has been amazing to grow alongside these girls.

Manhattan is the place where I’ve been able to grow into the person I’ve always wanted to become. When I came here I was so shy, but interviewing new people every week helped me become so much more outgoing. Writing new articles every week and seeing people be so excited and happy about what I wrote gave me so much confidence in my abilities. I’ve met so many amazing people and have grown so much over these past four years thanks to this newspaper.

I almost cannot believe that I will be graduating so soon. I’m so sad that this time is up, and I
would do anything to go back to my first Quadrangle meeting in 2019 and do it all again. I am so happy and grateful for everything that has happened over the years, and for all of you.

I can’t wait to see all that you guys do. Enjoy this time, and don’t waste a single minute!


Asst. Arts and Entertainment Editor | Arts and Entertainment Editor | Managing Editor | Features Editor | Senior Writer

It’s hard to say goodbye to something that I spent so much time working on throughout college. Being a part of The Quadrangle was the thing my classmates knew me for; it was what I essentially formed a large part of my personality around as I entered young adulthood and “found myself.”

Most of my college memories involved writing a story, editing an article, interviewing someone or doing anything that was needed for this paper that I could help with. I threw myself into this work because as a freshman, I realized that sharing important information with the community I was a part of was something that fulfilled me. I got to tell readers about the conditions of the dorms where they may have had to quarantine — and warn some unlucky students to bring some snacks just in case they didn’t get food when they were supposed to. I was lucky enough to report news on last year’s controversial commencement and major changes across campus as the pandemic sparked a multitude of newsworthy happenings. I got to connect with people within the administration and show them the importance of student journalism. I also wrote fun stories about the college and the people who make it such an amazing place to be. I wrote and reported so much that I can’t even list all of my favorite articles here — and I consider that to be a huge privilege.

Many of you may be aware that being a professional journalist is a goal of mine. Being a part of
The Quadrangle played a huge role in getting closer to obtaining that goal; I learned how to report news, write about sports and refine my skills in feature writing. I learned more about team management, community building and of course, Associated Press Style. I got plenty of bylines, which was exciting not only because I wanted examples of work for job applications, but also because it was absolutely exhilarating to know information and be able to share it with the members of this community.

But being part of The Quadrangle was also about meeting people who would become important figures in the rest of my life. For example, the people who offered me the chance to practice journalism in order to learn about it. If it were not for Rose Brennan ’20, Megan Dreher ’20, Christine Nappi ’22 and faculty advisor Nick Gilewicz, who all supported me immensely, I would have never gotten to work on The Quadrangle or obtained my internships with The Riverdale Press or the American Society of Magazine Editors. I’d also like to thank Jess McKenzie, a friend of mine from freshman year who made me feel included on this paper from day one. When Jess transferred, I got the chance to work as a Quadrangle scholar, something I may not have gotten if she hadn’t been so willing to co-write my first ever Quadrangle article with me.

Congratulations to my fellow senior writers of The Quadrangle; I’m so happy to have had the
chance to work with you all!