Hey Jaspers,

Welcome to the last issue of the Spring 2023 semester! This semester has truly flown by, but hopefully you’ve made the most of it. 

Per Quad tradition, our final issue highlights ten notable members of the graduating class in our version of The Times 100 titled The Quad 10. These students were chosen by Quadrangle staff members as some of the most influential members of the class of 2023 and I hope you’ll join me in congratulating them. 

Speaking of seniors, this issue also includes farewell messages from Quad staff members graduating in the coming weeks. Each of these wonderful seniors have made significant contributions to The Quad during their time here and they will be greatly missed. 

Among The Quad’s graduating seniors includes Cari McCarthy, who served as our Sports Editor for over a year where she managed to put Jaspers athletics in the news multiple times. Graduating senior Anna Woods served as Editor-in-Chief in 2021 and changed the trajectory of my Quad career when she tasked me with the role of Asst. Production Editor. I was introduced to senior Jilleen Barrett via zoom when she was assigned as my Quad scholar mentor. Jilleen has since become one of my favorite people to talk to and someone I know will always have my back.

To all of our Quad seniors and the class of 2023 as a whole, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors! If you’re ever curious as to what’s been going on at your old stomping grounds, you know where to look. 

Thank you for trusting The Quad to bring you your campus news each week! Thank you for trusting me during my first semester as Editor-in-Chief and thank you again for your generosity in our recent fundraising efforts. 

We’ll be back in the Fall to continue to inform and excite the campus community. For now, enjoy the warm weather, take a deep breath and wipe those tears away (I’m looking at you, seniors.) We’ll be back to doing journalism very soon!