Jasper Jams: Bem vindo ao Brasil

By Zoe DeFazio, Web Editor

Welcome to Brazil! The air is light and warm, fruit is everywhere, the food tantalizes you and the music makes you feel a rhythm you couldn’t fathom before. 

I’ve always been a proud Brazilian woman. My country represents me better than I ever physically could. The history behind my home is something I value and the history of my family is something that I’ll always treasure. 

My mother came to the United States in 1996, but even though she physically left Brazil, she brought a piece of Brazil with her. The music that she played always brought her back home.

Growing up in a Brazilian household, these classic songs always played. The memories bring a smile to my face. I can vividly remember my mother playing these songs in the kitchen as she would make me my usual Saturday breakfast of Pão de queijo

Bossa Nova is the primary music genre in Brazil. It represents a relaxed style of samba, the national dance. These songs hold a special place in my heart and I hope you enjoy the trip. 

Mas Que Nada by Sérgio Mendes

I consider this a welcome song. To me, it showcases the excitement I felt when I first arrived in Brazil. It’s a song that’s inviting, draws you in and makes you wanna take part in fun activities such as visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue located in Rio de Janeiro.

Baianá by Barbatuques

Now this song implements the rich African culture that remains in Brazil. Brazil imported more enslaved Africans than any other country in the world, and because of this a lot of African traditions have been implemented in not only music but lifestyle as well.

Desafinado by Stan Getz and João Gilberto

A soft, gentle song that feels like the breeze flowing through your hair as you sunbathe. Feel your skin absorb sun rays as you become immersed in the melody. Getz and Gilberto is a powerhouse in the Brazilian community. Each and every one of their songs has a special place in my life. 

Carolina, Carol Bela by Toquinho

This is one of my personal favorites. To me, and this might be really weird, this song feels like cocoa butter. I usually play this song after my Sunday reset shower as I lather on my cocoa butter lotion. I pretend that I’m in Brazil with my family eating strawberries with sweetened condensed milk drizzled on top. 

Pot-Pourri: Coisinha do pai/ Vou Festejar/ Carnaval Globeleza 2 by Jorge Aragão

This is a medley of songs. Each song represents an aspect of Carnaval, Brazil’s biggest celebration. Globeleza is the face of Carnaval. Every year a woman of high status becomes the queen of Carnaval. To me, she represents beauty and femininity in a cultural and spiritual way. During her commercial she is typically seen not wearing any clothing, however, her body is painted in glorious designs with bright colors as she sambas in heels as her song plays. 

The Girl from Ipanema by Stan Getz and João Gilberto

It wouldn’t be a Brazilian playlist without this song. Do yourself a favor and play this song, but make sure the lyrics are in Portuguese. This song is the most beautiful song I’ve ever come across. Ipanema is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, and this song represents the beauty of nature and the beauty of being a woman. The song talks about a gorgeous, vivacious, transcending woman who walks along the beach. The singer is sad because he is incredibly in love with her but cannot bring himself to tell her. Every day she walks by him and everyone sighs in disbelief at her beauty, she never looks at him, but he sees her, not just her face, but her soul.