MC Players One Acts Showcase Talent Beyond Just What You See on Stage

Freshman Landen Scofield closing the show with the epilogue of 21 Chump Street. ANGELINAPEREZ/COURTESY

By Angelina Perez, Web Editor

Actors, directors, and stage crew gathered in The Box Theater to deliver this year’s One Acts in both plays and a musical before their spring production hits the stage. 

Sophomore computer engineering student Robert Nolan was allowed to sing and act in this year’s One Acts and step into a directing role that showcased his playwriting abilities and stage presence.  

“I wrote the second play, Voice of Reason,” Nolan told the Quadrangle. “It was originally just a small project that I can now say turned into a good experience. It was also a bit jarring. You never think what you write is good until your actors bring it to life and Sophie and Carlos did just that.”

Landen Scofield is a freshman adolescent education major with a minor in music which he was able to harness on stage as he played high school student Justin in the musical 21 Chump Street, a true story turned into a musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda famous for musicals such as In the Heights and Hamilton and Ted in the play The Audience

Freshman Landen Scofield closing the show with the epilogue of 21 Chump Street. ANGELINAPEREZ/COURTESY

“It was a good time playing two roles,” Scofield explained. “For Ted, it was fun because Sophie Ryan and I were playing a couple in a relationship past their honeymoon phase that just fights a lot. And for Justin, he was just this awkward high school guy who sees this girl and wants to do anything in his power to get with her. Two different roles, but equally fun to play.”

Scofield and the other actors participated in multiple roles throughout the night, which resulted in a quick change that sophomore sociology and philosophy major Brina Boyum knew all too well. 

“This is my fifth show with players, but this is the first time I am performing on the stage and not doing wardrobe backstage which are two different things,” Boyum said. “It is nice not to think about everything that’s going on all the time. Because when you are backstage, it is kind of your job to know what is going on at all times with everybody.” 

Aaron Schoepf, a freshman English major with a music and theater minor, was also in both The Audience and 21 Chump Street but still was surrounded by the same positive energy as the other. 

“This space was just very laid back and gave me this opportunity to be myself and keep a mindset to not only be the character but have the character be a part of you.” 

Boyum gave the Quadrangle advice to theater lovers like herself who are interested in joining next year’s One Acts.

“One Acts felt like I was just out there having fun,” Boyum said, “whether you’re on the stage or writing your own plays, it’s really something I recommend for people that might be into theater but want to dip their toe in without jumping into one of our big productions.”

Players Spring Musical 9to5 is this upcoming weekend,  April 21, 22, and 23. Keep checking their Instagram @playersmc for ticket releases.

“Students performing “What the Heck I Gotta Do” from the musical 21 Chump Street. ANGELINAPEREZ/ COURTESY