Manhattan College Raises Double its Goal During Annual Jasper Giving Day

MC raised $200,000 in donations for the annual Jasper Giving Day Fundraiser. MANHATTAN.EDU/COURTESY

By Mary Haley, Asst. Social Media Editor

Manhattan College has reached a total of $200,000 in donations for its annual Jasper Giving Day Fundraiser, which surpasses the expected threshold of $100,000. 

Since 2020, Manhattan College has organized Jasper Giving Day, an annual event where alumni, students, families, community members and anyone else who wishes to support the college can donate to the school. This year, the fundraiser for the college lasted from March 30 to April 14, while the Jaspers Athletic fundraiser was a two day event spanning across March 30 and 31. 

According to the Jasper Giving Day page on, the college’s goal was to “exceed 500 donors stepping up to the challenge and helping us raise $100,000.” 

Debra Reich, director of annual giving, told The Quadrangle that the amount received doubled its original goal, with the donation amount being over $200,000. 

“[The fund] probably quadrupled the results from last year,” Reich said. 

This year’s Jasper Giving Day has been the most successful since the donation event started in 2020. Reich credited this to the world being in a better and busier place than it was in past years, in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We’re in a better time right now clearly than we were last year,” Reich said. “There’s more noise in people’s lives too, because [before] people were more home, working more remotely. Not only did I send out a postcard, but I made sure it got into the alumni newsletter. Marketing was involved.” 

Reich is very enthusiastic for the next annual Jasper Giving Day with how successful this year’s turned out to be. She plans to get students involved for next year’s event and plans to organize an in-person event for next year. 

“I have plans to create a student philanthropy club,” Reich said. “That will be a great group of students to help get involved to push the messaging around campus.”

As for the athletic department’s fund, marketing and campaigning took a different approach. Denise Thompson, senior associate athletic director for external operations, spoke on what the two day process was like for the athletic department’s fundraiser. 

“There’s technically only one given day for someone to [donate],” Thompson said. “Basically the next day is ‘Hey, in case you missed it, we’re still accepting donations for these programs’.” 

Donors could donate money to the fund to be distributed by the athletic department, or they could direct their donations to specific programs or funds that they wish to help out. 

“For example, you could donate directly to the baseball program or directly to the women’s soccer program,” Thompson said. “You go in and click on what team you want your money to go to.”

The fund is inspired by St. John Baptist de La Salle, who also serves as the inspiration behind Manhattan College’s Lasallian mission. 

According to the Jasper Giving Day page on, the funds raised during these weeks are “to be used for financial aid, enriching student services and activities, enhancing academic programs and facilities and developing new technology-driven initiatives.” 

Margaret Groarke, professor of political science, helped with the campaigning of Jasper Giving Day for the School of Liberal Arts and spoke on the message of St. John Baptist de La Salle. 

“We’re able to raise donations to pay the costs of running the college and provide quality education to everyone,” Groarke said. “It helps us hold down costs that help us to provide scholarships. It helps us do a good job of what we do here.”