Hello and welcome to Issue 9!

I hope you enjoyed your Jasper Wellness Day!

This week The Quad is telling the future! Well, not exactly. However, a few very
wonderful writers spoke to students and staff about upcoming changes to the college as
well as the impact of AI technology and how that may play a role in shaping the future. In
News, Angelina Persaud discusses the recent updates to the Academic integrity Policy to
include ChatGBT, while Mary Haley talks about a recent discussion on the dangers and
benefits of how AI technology may impact careers.

While AI may already have an impact on education, I would like to assure you that
it will not impact The Quad in any manner at anytime soon. As journalists and as public servants, we hold ourselves to certain honest and ethical standards. The Quad will continue our print and digital traditions fueled by the talent and creativity of real students, not AI technology.

Finally, Student Government elections are just around the corner. I hope students will voice their opinions by voting for who they wish to represent the student body. At The Quad, we do our best to provide fair and balanced election coverage. We are an unbiased medium meant to inform the public which we serve, just like any other major publication.
Make sure to tune in next week for a very special Quad tradition which takes place each Spring semester. Be sure to pick up a copy.

Thank you for reading this weeks issue! We’ll see you next week.