The Future of MC’s Board of Trustees

Manhattan College’s new Chair for the Board of Trustees, Stephen Squeri. MANHATTAN.EDU/COURTESY

By  Mack Olmsted, Asst. Production Editor/ Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

Manhattan College has recently appointed Steven J. Squeri ‘81, ‘86 (MBA) as Chair of the Board of Trustees and Jose Minaya ‘94 as the board’s newest member. These appointments come in tandem with the college’s efforts to expand its academic programs and ensure quality leadership.  

The Board of Trustees at Manhattan College is a group of individuals who have been held responsible for the mission of the institution. They direct policy, ensure that the mission of the school is kept intact and they’re legally responsible for all of the obligations of Manhattan College. 

The most significant change coming to the Board of Trustees is the new chair, Stephen J. Squeri. This change will officially take effect May 1, 2023. Squeri will succeed Thomas O’Malley ’63, who assumed the role of Chair in August 2022.

Squeri is currently the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Express. He has been a member of the Manhattan College Board of Trustees since 2013. 

President of the college, Brother Daniel Gardner, FSC, spoke highly of Squeri entering his new role and is looking forward to the work the Board of Trustees will be putting in under Squeri.

“Mr. Squeri is a most impressive alumni,” Gardner said. “He’s very dedicated to Manhattan College. He’s a second generation Jasper… he’s been intimately involved with the running of the institution…he has his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Manhattan College, so he’s a Jasper through and through.”

 On the professional side of life, his role as CEO of American Express Company distinguishes him as one of the leaders in the finance world, particularly here in New York City. 

Gardner also noted that Squeri has a strong commitment to the values and the mission of MC as a Lasallian Catholic College. 

Gardner explained that Squeri has “walked along” Manhattan College’s path since he was a student and he understands how to build, promote and improve the mission of the institution. 

“There’s always a question in the back of [Squeri’s] mind when we’re doing things here in Manhattan, ” Gardner said. “‘How is this building the mission? How is this promoting the mission?’ and I think that’s really refreshing. Because that’s really why we do what we do here at Manhattan, is because of the mission and Mr. Squeri gets it.”

Director of capital campaign, Kevin Courtney, also highlighted all the work Squeri has put in the school. He explained his gratitude for Squeri in helping the school from a financial perspective. 

“His involvement has been very substantial for many years,” Courtney said. “He’s involved in his high school, he’s involved with a lot of other charities. He is a really dedicated, focused and generous individual. A lot of the work he does here comes really from his personal experience.”

Courtney explained why he is looking forward to Squeri taking a leadership role in the campus community.

“I’m excited because he is a great leader,” Courtney said. “I think that he has been a great leader in the industry. I know that his chairmanship will be highly successful. Overall we’re incredibly fortunate to have him as the chair.”

The newest member of the board of trustees, Jose Minaya ’94, is the Chief Executive Officer of Nuveen, a leading global asset management organization. 

According to, Minaya is a very experienced individual and brings a new perspective to the board of trustees. 

“He has nearly 30 years of investment experience, having joined TIAA in 2004 as a fixed income portfolio manager,” according to the website. “He has held a number of leadership positions including President of Nuveen Global Real Assets, head of Private Markets Asset Management and head of Natural Resources and Infrastructure Investments.”

These new appointments will be recognized as part of the college’s efforts to continue providing quality education to students by fortifying the leadership from administration.