Hello and welcome to Issue 6!

This week The Quad continues to highlight the hard work of students in their academic and extracurricular endeavors featuring research by Dominique Whyte in news and a discussion on microaggressions with Alixandria James in features.  

If your club or organization has an upcoming event you would like to see covered by The Quad, please feel free to reach out to us at thequad@manhattan.edu, or contact me personally at jvisnov01@manhattan.edu. We’re always looking for more ways to better feature and represent all the various opportunities offered here at MC. 

As we approach midterm exam season, I wanted to remind students of various resources available to help you succeed. 

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) is located in Thomas 3.10. The CAS offers a variety of services including one-on-one tutoring, Writing Consultants for helping you improve your papers and academic writing skills as well as Student Success Mentors, all of which want to help you achieve your academic goals. 

In addition, the Specialized Resource Center offers support for individuals with disabilities or specific academic needs. 

While I know it’s easy to be fueled by endless amounts of coffee from the Kelly Starbucls, remember to get enough food, water and rest between study sessions to maintain your mental wellbeing during midterms. You can make an appointment with the Counseling Center by contacting counselingcenter@manhattan.edu if you need some extra emotional support in times of stress. 

If you’re feeling sick (who isn’t a little under the weather this time of year?) you can also visit Health Services, which is now located in Alumni Hall due to the Horan renovations.

That’s all from me for now. Thank you for reading this week’s issue of The Quad. Stay well and study hard. See you next week.