Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome to Issue 5!

I hope you’re staying warm through the cold weather! In my personal opinion, reading the Quad is a great opportunity to cozy up with some hot cocoa and learn about what’s been going on around campus. 

This week’s issue is jam-packed with stories of Jaspers from the past and present. 

In news, we have two MC alumni returning to campus with major administrative appointments as well as a feature on a current student who has recently made significant strides in math and physics research. In this week’s issue you’ll also learn what MC Student Government has been up to the past few weeks and the highlights of a couple recent events happening across campus. 

We at The Quad try our best to recognize the successes of Jaspers old and new, we’re always looking to expand our coverage and better reflect the community and student-body we represent. If you know a student or alum with an interesting story or a recent success, feel free to reach out by sending us a message at thequad@manhattan.edu. We would love to hear from you.

Remember to check out The Quad on Facebook by searching “The Quadrangle” in the search bar. This is a solid way to stay connected with us even if you’re not on Instagram or Twitter. 

Thank you for reading The Quad! Study hard and stay warm. Until next week.