Letter From the Editor

By, Jocelyn Visnov, Editor-in-Chief

Hey Jaspers, welcome to issue 3! 

This week we’ve got some interesting articles across all sections about jaspers from the past and present honing their craft. From STEM fields to education as well as communication and English, I’m proud that The Quad can serve to highlight the academic success and individual creativity of our students and alumni across all disciplines.

That being said, this week The Quad also covers some very important topics I would like to address.

In our News section, Anna Woods wrote about an unfortunate incident where a poster promoting the Rainbow Jaspers, an organization supporting the LGBTQ+ community on campus, was defaced with use of inappropriate homophobic and religious language. 

Hate of any kind has no place in the Jasper community. As journalists, it is our duty to shed light on important issues and promote justice, peace and fairness throughout the community. The Quadrangle stands with the Rainbow Jaspers in solidarity and we will continue to monitor this investigation. 

In addition, February marks the start of black history month. Zoe DeFazio wrote an article about the first of several events occurring to celebrate. I would like to encourage you to take some time to educate yourself on black history or stop by the Multicultural Center this month for information on upcoming events. 

If The Quadrangle can be of any service to you or your campus organization, please feel free to reach out through our website or contact us at thequad@manhattan.edu

Thank you again for reading The Quadrangle. 

Until next week,