Music Ministry Prepares to Take the Stage 

By, Zoe DeFazio, Web Editor

Manhattan College has many groups of students hoping to share their musical talents with the community. One of these groups is the MC campus ministry. 

MCs campus ministry is committed to performing beautiful songs for all to hear. MC’s music ministry is composed of vocalists and instrumentalists that play a variety of instruments such as flutes, violins, cellos and clarinets.

  Andrew Bauer, P.h.D, director of performing arts and adjunct professor, is excited about the upcoming trip and the many opportunities the ministry will have to share the music. 

“I’m taking about 10 or 11 of our music ministry people, some singers and instrumentalists, and we’re going to help provide the music they are going to join a children’s choir that consists of elementary school kids from grades four through eight. And we’re going to sing some really exciting contemporary Christian songs, and hopefully will inspire people,” said Bauer. 

Luis Chavez, senior sound studies major with minors in music and theater, told The Quadrangle he has devoted his life to music. Chavez has been on the board of the music ministry for three years and is now the vice president.

“I’ll write parts for the instrumentalists,” Chavez said. “So I’ll write parts for the violinist or the cellist. Now we have a clarinetist and a flute player. And along with that I also sometimes play music and teach music as well. So I’ll lead rehearsals when Andy’s [Andrew Bauer] is not able to be around.” 

The music ministry performs every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. and starts rehearsing before each mass at exactly 6:00 p.m. Bauer explains that having a short rehearsal will help students’ musical abilities and that it’s an incredible practice for memory. 

“It’s kind of a great thing to do for people’s musical skills because it forces you to learn a whole bunch of music in a short period of time and then perform it. So it’s a great opportunity for music scholarship students to sort of sharpen their musical skills.”

Grace Dillon, a sophomore digital media arts major with a minor in digital arts and humanities, is one of the performing arts scholarship recipients and a flutist in the music ministry. Dillon is no stranger to music, as she has played the flute for most of her life. 

“I serve as a secretary for the ministry, I play the flute for them, but it’s very easy to get into a very welcoming community, they’re always down to help out everyone,” Dillon said. “We have special extra rehearsals for new people for parts of different songs. So it’s really, it’s a good experience to be welcomed in the community.” 

Chavez encourages students to participate in the music ministry. Chavez believes music is a fundamental part of life and wants everyone to enjoy music in all its glory. 

“Being a part of the music ministry is really fun,” Chavez. “You don’t have to be religious to be a part of it. Reach out if you would like to be a part of the music ministry. We’re a mixed ensemble of singers and instrumentalists and it’s also good if you want to eventually work in the church, which is where I got all my musician training.” 

Manhattan College’s music ministry is going on a trip to Sacred Heart’s Parish in Yonkers with Capuchin Franciscan Friars on Feb. 1. The ministry is going to Sacred Heart’s Parish to perform in a special mass in celebration of Catholic Schools Week and will be celebrated by Timothy Dolan, Cardinal, and Archbishop of New York. 

For more information about joining the campus ministry, email To keep up with their events follow their Instagram @mc_musicministry