Jasper Jams: Quadrangle Staff Picks

Listen to this weeks Jasper Jams: Quadrangle Staff Picks

By Mack Olmsted, Asst. Production Editor/Asst. Arts and Entertainment Editor

Despite the fact that journalists get inspired through words, another way that they find inspiration and relaxation is through music. Our Quadrangle staff is made up of so many different backgrounds, majors and ages which translates into the different genres of music we all love. 

Ranging from pop music to alternative music, the playlist below is composed of song suggestions from members of The Quadrangle who wish to share their favorite music with everyone on campus. You might be surprised at the musical jewels you’ll find in this playlist. Grab a drink, put on your headphones and jam to the playlist below. You might find yourself enjoying and relating to the same music as the writers behind The Quadrangle newspaper. 

You’re on Your Own, Kid – Taylor Swift 

Suggested by: Caroline McCarthy, Senior Writer.

Normally I would never listen to Taylor Swift but I ended up actually enjoying the song and sort of related to the fact that at some point or another everyone needs to work in life on their own. 

Gorilla – Little Simz 

Suggested by Rebecca Kranich, Social Media Editor.

I’m not going to lie, I am not the biggest fan of rap music, but I did like the sound of Gorilla. I really liked Little Simz’s beat rhythm. Overall it sounded really cool and it flowed very smoothly. 

Wait in the truck – Hardy and Lainey 

Suggested by Angelina Persaud, News Editor.

The story of this song is really interesting. It’s about a man killing another man because he was being abusive to his significant other. I really liked how the song argued if what he did was right or wrong and it makes you question if his actions were justified or not.

Suspicious Minds – Elvis 

Suggested by Isaiah Rosario, Assistant Sports Editor.

I’m a fan of Elvis so I was excited to re-listen to Suspicious Minds. While Elvis’ music can get slow from time to time, it usually picks up and goes back to a faster beat which sounds awesome in your ears.

Low – Sza 

Suggested by Zoe DeFazio, Web Editor. 

I would say that people who like R&B music would enjoy this song. It has a very nice beat to it and is relaxing to listen to. I liked the flow of the words and the voice of Sza and Travis Scott complementing each other very well. Overall it was a good listen. 

Chateau Lobby #4 – Father John Misty 

Suggested by Jilleen Barrett, Senior Writer. 

Chateau Lobby had a good mix of being mellow yet upbeat. I liked how the music was sort of happy and sad at the same time while also telling a story. Father John Misty did a great job of blending it all together to make this song and story.

Get free – Lana del Rey
Suggested by Angelica Niedermeyer, Features Editor.

I usually hate slower songs, but Get Free was really interesting. I liked it because I found myself somewhat relating to the song and how I at one point or another wanted to change the way I live life. The song flowed great and Lana Del Rey has an amazing voice that everyone should give a shot at listening to.

A house in Nebraska – Ethel Caine 

Suggested by Megan LaCreta, Senior Writer. 

This song was not exactly my cup of tea. It was very slow and never really picked up the beat. It seemed very relative to me and just seemed a little boring to me. Nevertheless Ethel Caine has a great voice, the ending sounded great just hearing the sound of the intrustaments without the lyrics and if you like longer country songs you would have a blast listening to A House In Nebraska. 

AM Radio – The Lumineers 

Suggested by Grace Cardinal, Assistant News Editor.

AM Radio sounds great, it has a nice beat to the song and the lyrics were amazing. I am really glad that this song was suggested because it just has an amazing message about being unique and feeling like an outsider but to never give up on your passion. I think it’s an awesome message that everyone should live by. 

Wildflowers – Tom Petty

Suggested by Adrianne Hutto, Production Editor.

I really like Tom Petty’s music, especially Runnin’ Down A Dream, but Wildflowers was a little different. Now don’t get me wrong it was still really good but it was just a little slow, but saying that the song itself is really positive and I enjoyed listening to it. It’s a positive song with a positive message about how you should be happy and deserve the best life possible.

Last Train Home – John Mayer 

Suggested by Jocelyn Visnov, Editor-In-Chief. 

John Mayer’s Last Train Home is a great song. The music is upbeat and mellow at the same time.  And the sound itself is kind of soothing. Obviously not everyone is going to like this song but those who like soft rock will really enjoy it.