Letter from The Editor

Dear Readers, 

We are so excited to present our fall 2022 special issue: 100 Years in the Bronx. We hope that these stories embody the community, culture and experience that comes with being a part of Manhattan College in our neighborhood. 

We know that while we feel like this is our space, we also share it with so many incredible businesses, organizations and people. We hope they enjoy sharing the space with us as much as we do. 

Being a part of New York City, and particularly the Bronx, the MC community blends together with that of what is around us. However, we also make a unique mark, as students, faculty and staff come to campus from all corners of our country and across the world. 

I hope you learn something about this community, our community, from this issue. We’ve had so much fun putting it together for you! 


Kyla Guilfoil