MC Alum, Thomas Scarangello, Returns as a Member of the Board of Trustees

By  Adrianne Hutto, Production Editor

Thomas Scarangello ‘79 has been selected as the new member of the Board of Trustees by the current members of the board. 

“As a proud Jasper, I am honored to join the board of trustees of Manhattan College,” Scarangello said in an article on “I look forward to contributing to strategic planning and visioning that will incorporate emerging technologies and reimagine how fine institutions of higher education like Manhattan College can best serve our students, our community, and the world.”

Scarangello, a graduate of the class of 1979, earned both his bachelors and masters degrees from MC. As a result, he has kept strong ties with the school.

“I have taught and lectured with the School of Engineering, including as part of the structural engineering capstone course that Thornton Tomasetti helped create and has supported for 40 years,” Scarangello wrote in an email to the Quadrangle.

According to a article, Scarangello was the former chief executive officer and current executive chairman of Thornton Tomasetti which is a new-York based engineering consulting firm. Thornton Tomasetti was founded by Charles H. Thornton and Richard L. Tomasetti, two Manhattan College alumni. The company has been involved in projects all over New York City and the world. 

“Tom has more than 40 years of experience leading the structural engineering and analysis of a wide variety of building types worldwide, from long-span sports and entertainment venues to high-rise commercial and mixed-use buildings,” according to

Scarangello explained that he is passionate about driving collaborative innovation. 

“I hope to contribute to a strategic planning and visioning process that will reimagine Manhattan College through that lens in ways that will serve our students, our community, and the world,” Scarangello said.

The role of a trustee is to serve and strengthen many valued institutions from MC to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which Scarangello also serves as a Trustee for. 

“By bringing in outside experience, expertise, and diverse points of view to these institutions, trustees provide a vital service to help them thrive and grow,” Scarangello said.

In regards to new projects, Scarangello explained that there was not much he could share at the moment. However, for those interested they should see for more details.

“A good deal of my career has been focused on sports and entertainment projects, such as Yankee Stadium, the Prudential Center, Barclays Center, MetLife Stadium and the UBS Arena in the NYC metro area and many more outside New York City,” Scarangello said. “What I find exciting is how this industry continues to grow, evolve, and innovate. As sports like soccer and e-sports move into the spotlight we will continue to redefine entertainment venues. Your generation is redefining entertainment.” 

Scarangello credits his Jasper mentors in helping him to shape his life post-college. 

“​​I thank my Jasper mentors Charlie Thornton and Richard Tomasetti, who set me off on my journey, and my Jasper partners including Mike Squarzini our Co-CEO,” Scarangello said. “They all have and continue to support Manhattan and our fellow Jaspers.”