Dear Readers, 

I hope this week’s issue finds you well! I can’t believe I am almost through with my year as editor-in-chief of The Quadrangle. It has brought me such honor and joy to lead such a phenomenal publication. 

I truly hope that everyone can find something for them in this paper, whether it be current events, sports updates, profiles on student life or the latest news from administration. We love to give you the news, and we hope you love receiving it just as much. 

While the last year has flown by with incredible speed, I’m not done yet! We have some fantastic things planned for our last couple of issues this semester, including our special issue for fall 2022!

In the meantime, please feel free to voice your concerns, your interest or your questions about our coverage or what’s happening on campus. You can send any of your questions, comments, potential pitches or your very own letter to the editor to or my email at

The Quadrangle is made for you, the Manhattan College community. Your voices are essential for our coverage! Let us know what’s going on. 

Here’s to issue 10! Thank you for letting us do what we do. 


Kyla Guilfoil