Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Happy Election Day! Today, as our issue 8 hits stands, we have reached the 2022 midterm elections. If you have not already participated in early or mail-in voting, I encourage you to vote today. 

Our democracy only works if we all participate. No matter which side of the aisle you stand on, it’s crucial that you cast your ballot and inform your representatives what is important to you. 

As young adults, we hold the power to begin shaping the world around us. Finally, we are able to practice voting, something which may seem small, but is a tangible act which affects your world. 

Read up on what your representatives stand for, what proposals are in legislation and how our government affects your life, because, I promise, it does affect your life. 

Not everyone has to love politics, but everyone should know how politics affects your life. 

Happy Election Day, Jaspers. Make this one count. 


Kyla Guilfoil