Jasper Jams: My Vibe Right Now

By Zoe DeFazio, Asst. Arts and Entertainment editor

Personally, I love fall. It’s my favorite month. I enjoy the leaves changing and the moderate temperature. But as much as fall can be beautiful, at some point the vibe just gets weird. It’s getting too cold, but not as cold as winter, and the last leaf hasn’t yet fallen. It’s too cold at night for no blankets but too hot to get the super thick blanket from the closet. This playlist is all about being stuck and finding your groove as we navigate the more complex months of fall.

Shirt – SZA

A Highly anticipated song that SZA has teased for an incredibly long amount of time. The song finally came out, and let me tell you, it is a game-changer. Not only does this song make you want to put on leather clothes and dance, but the music video is absolutely superb. SZA is by far one of my favorite artists and she never disappoints me and I know she will not disappoint you.

Cola – Camelphat & Elderbrook 

I heard the sped-up version on TikTok and I was like, “I could really like, listen to this while I take a shower,” and that’s what I do now. This song is ultimately the best song to wash your hair to. It’s fun and it’s poppy. You can’t help but feel the rhythm. It’s got good vibes and it has a nice overall tone to it.

Them Changes – Thundercat

I remember a kid in high school told me to listen to Thundercat and I thought he was lying about the name so I never paid attention, but I recently found out that Thundercat is a real artist. I know I am kind of late to board the Thundercat train, but I heard this song on TikTok like many of the songs I find nowadays. This song is on my cleaning playlist so you can catch me jamming to this song while I mop my floor.

Didn’t Cha know – Erykah Badu

This song has probably been in my life for as long as I can remember. This song gives me earth vibes. Most of Erykah Badu’s songs make me want to appreciate the grass. This song overall  makes me want to roll around in the dirt and feel like Adam and Eve, just navigating the world with no guide. 

Honey – Raveena

This song makes me think of my boyfriend. Our anniversary was October 29 and the song has just been so beautiful, it has such a nice meaning to it and it’s all about romance and being in love. That’s what I’m about right now, because I just celebrated one year of being in a relationship and I am incredibly happy.

Glory Box – Portishead

This song is something different. I heard this song two years ago and thought it was a remake of Alessia Cara’s song “Here,” but it turns out that Alessia Cara sampled it. Listen to this song while you’re doing your makeup, especially a sultry makeup look such as smokey eyes. I promise you you’ll feel like you’re in a book. 

Breakfast – Dove Cameron

I have liked Dove Cameron since the Disney Channel days, but when she started breaking into the music scene I definitely thought there was going to be a bit of a pop vibe with her. But she’s definitely made it clear that she does not want to be a pop girl. I like her music and I definitely  love this song.  I love walking around campus while listening to this song with my headphones and pretending that I’m in a movie about being a businesswoman ready to crush the patriarchy.