Santus Artem Hosts Autumnal Art Events

By Lauren Raziano, Copy Editor/Web Editor 

With pumpkin painting for Halloween and illustration-making for Inkotber, Manhattan College’s Sanctus Artem club is in the fall spirit. 

Santus Artem, translated to “pure arts” in Latin, is Manhattan College’s art club run by President Sabrina Beharry and vice president Craig Chambers. Santus Artem currently hosts their club events on Tuesdays in DLS 209 at 4:30, and encourages new members to come to their events.

Beharry wrote about how the club has found a new existence recently, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I first joined as a freshman the club was very small and a tight knit group but Craig and I were consistent members that kept coming back for events,” Beharry wrote in an email to The Quadrangle. “The president at the time was very dedicated to the club and that love was contagious to me as well. I missed the club’s presence on campus during Covid my sophomore year, so Craig and I, as well as Heather Sandler, our senior advisor, helped to bring it back our junior year.”

Santus Artem has been able to get members more involved since COVID. Beharry wrote that junior member and social media coordinator, Mario Mingone, is a passionate member in making the club more active. 

 “Our club Social Media Coordinator has been with the club since Day 1 at the club fair and it is clear he shares the same love for the club that we do. I am so glad to have seen our club grow and when I see the same familiar faces at each meeting, it makes me feel like we have continued the same tradition of the club we initially joined,”  Beharry wrote.

Chambers expressed that he feels grateful for the community that is Santus Artem. 

“This club means a lot to me and it’s always been my goal to just make a relaxed environment to destress from school. Sometimes it’s not even about the art we make, we just want people to have a nice time with friends.” Chambers wrote in an email to the Quadrangle.

Sanctus Artem hosted a fundraiser pumpkin event on Tuesday, Oct. 25 open to all members with the goal of raising money for their upcoming art show. 

“The pumpkin painting was a smashing success. Plenty of people came by for the fundraising event and had a great time,” Chambers wrote. 

Beharry also wrote about the pumpkin painting event. 

“Pumpkin painting on Tuesday was very fun. Our usual club members attended and were happy to help support the club for the upcoming art show,” Beharry wrote. 

Victoria Pascale, a member of Sanctus Artem,  had a great time with the pumpkin painting event. 

“I really enjoyed the pumpkin painting,” Pascale wrote in an email to The Quadrangle. “It’s a great way to relieve stress when you’ve had a long day of studying and school work. I was planning on painting a purple and black pumpkin, but I ended up mixing the purple and black which made a grayish blue color all over the pumpkin.”

Sanctus Artem also participated in Inktober, an internet art trend which gives artists daily prompts to put their skills to use.

“Inktober is a creative drawing challenge in which artists create an ink drawing, typically from pen, based on a prompt provided by that day of the month. Prompts range from abstract ideas, like ‘uh-oh, scrape, tempting, and bluff’ to concrete ideas like, ‘fairy, gargoyle, bat, and flame.’ The drawing is all up to the artist’s interpretation of the prompt,” Beharry wrote.

The  drawings from the Inktober event were posted on their Instagram,  @sanctusartem.

Looking into the future, Santus Artem will be hosting their first art show ever this semester and plans to display the work next week. 

“The show is meant to have a museum-esque and art gallery vibe where students can learn about the artist as well as the mediums they use,” Beharry wrote. “It is essentially an opportunity for artists to display the culmination of their work or any piece of artwork that they are simply proud of and would like to share. People can expect an ambient atmosphere of relaxation and appreciation of art.” 

Sanctus Artem’s art show is on Nov. 4 at 5 pm, with location to be announced. Follow them on Instagram, @sanctusartem, for further details about the art show and to keep up to date with all their events.