Manhattan Has Some Family Fun

By Zoe DeFazio, Asst. Arts and Entertainment Editor

Family weekend included fun activities for Jasper families, including pumpkin painting, a golf outing and a live animal show. Student Engagement created a packed itinerary fit for a great family outing. 

As many students gathered with family and friends, there was so much to see and be a part of.

  Meghan Rodino, a graduate assistant for Student Engagement, helped coordinate the activities that circulated Manhattan College’s campus. 

“This weekend, we have a bunch of different events,” Rodino said. “Some main highlights of the events are that there’s going to be a golf outing, and then Mr. Softee is going to be there throughout the day, there are going to be mini paintings of small pumpkins, and then later, Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) from ‘The Office’ is coming. That’s like the main event. Everyone’s really excited about that.”

Rodino explained the process that went into planning many of the events, and what would make students and their families have an entertaining day.

“We did do some research through Instagram, seeing what people are interested in,” Rodino said. “We do polls on the Student Engagement Instagram to see what students are interested in.”

The family golfing activity took place at Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course. Students and their families can either rent the golf clubs there, or they could bring their own.

Sigma Delta Tau hosted a pumpkin painting event for families with small children to participate in. Each person received a tiny pumpkin, paint, and paintbrushes. The activity was free for all students and families but accepted donations for one of  SDT’s philanthropies, Jewish Women International. 

Rosalia Cefalu, chapter president of Sigma Delta Tau, was excited to see what SDT could do for families during the fun weekend. Cefalu wanted to create an event where families can gather and relax with their small children while engaging in standard fall season activities.

Cefalu said the sorority wanted to help out at Family Weekend somehow, and pumpkin painting with a suggested donation seemed to be a good way to raise money for the organization. With both adults, college students and young kids being a part of the weekend, Cefalu explained how they determined they would host a pumpkin painting session.

“We heard that there was going to be Family Weekend going on … there’s obviously a lot of parents, but also a lot of younger kids too,” Cefalu said. “Our philanthropy [chair], Megan LaCreta noticed that too. So we were like, “Oh, what can we do?’ Like, you know, pumpkin carving can turn probably into kind of a disaster. But why don’t we just have people paint them? So we’re fundraising for Jewish Women International, which is one of our philanthropies, and it’s just really fun and exciting.”

Alex Radion, a student who participated in the live animal show, had a great time getting to know the turtles and all the other creatures.

“My favorite part of the weekend was looking at the snakes and the different stuff from the animals because I’m just a general fan of animals and it was really cool that he brought them up and just let them walk around and watch for a while, and it was overall something I really enjoyed doing,” Radion said. 

Editor’s Note: Mack Olmsted contributed to reporting. Additionally, arts & entertainment editor Megan LaCreta is mentioned in the article for coordinating one of the Family Weekend events.