Get Ready to Laugh, Scatterbomb is Back!

Group photo of previous Scatterbomb members as they prepare for their show. @SCATTERBOMBMC/COURTESY

By Angelina Persaud, Asst. News Editor

Prepare for the laughter to begin with the return of all new Scatterbomb shows this fall semester. The improv comedy club has recruited new members and is already planning new shows for the upcoming months. 

The current lineup for Scatterbomb includes new members who embraced the club for its creative freedom and emotional outlet. 

Senior Isabel Cameron is the current co-president of the club and spoke about her feelings towards the new leadership role. 

“I am generally an organized person and I think I kind of go with the flow. I’m very excited to work with Cooper Carlton, the other co-president, to make Scatterbomb really fun and interactive with everyone,” Cameron said. 

In particular, she expressed her excitement about the upcoming shows planned for this semester. The troupe plans to put together a Halloween themed show to kick off the start of their improv season. They also plan to have familiar themes in the lineup this year, such as English Night and Scatter Prom.

“We generally have a couple of shows that we do every year, like English Night where we invite English professors to come give monologues that we base our sets off of. And then at the end of the year, we do Scatter Prom. It’s really fun,” Cameron said. 

She also spoke about the option for students to get involved with Scatterbomb and acclimate themselves with campus. Her main goal for the club is to increase member participation among the incoming students. 

“I think once some of the underclassmen understand what it is exactly that we do and how fun it can be they would be more inclined to join and get involved,” Cameron said. 

In addition to the current student lineup, the club also utilizes coaching from various people who have improv experience and can contribute to the overall technique of the students. 

“It’s really helpful for practices to get an outside observation that does know about improv and has a lot of understanding on how it should be done and can give us notes on what we should change and what we’re doing,” Cameron said. 

Regina Ricardo, senior, is a new member of Scatterbomb and spoke about her expectations for the club and how it’s impacted her as a person.

“I feel like just being a part of a group that performs, in general, is very gratifying, to either make people laugh or just to bring entertainment to a group of people. For me personally, it’s very fulfilling. It’s always fun to be a part of as many things on campus as you can,” Ricardo said. 

Sophie Ryan, senior, is also a new member of Scatterbomb for the fall semester and spoke about her feelings towards the improv group. 

“Scatterbomb to me is a space where I can work together with my friends to create something that is absurd, silly, and most of all fun. I love getting to become different people and fabricating situations that are so different from my everyday life,” Ryan said. 

The members, both new and seasoned, expressed the joy the Scatterbomb brings them and their anticipation to recruit new members. 

The troupe plans to host a second round of auditions following their first Halloween themed show to try and increase membership. 

“I think Scatterbomb in general is just a really good way to relieve stress and have fun with friends and like-minded people who just want to make other people laugh. It’s a great way to build community,” Cameron said. 

The first Scatterbomb performance is slated for Oct. 21 at 8 p.m. in Hayden 100.