Quadstock Showcases Student Talent

By Angelina Perez, Contributor

ABBA tunes filled the air. Food trucks lined the parking lot. Students gathered together, and Quadstock kicked off the fall semester.

Quadstock was hosted by Student Engagement on Sept. 2 on the Jasper lawn. John Bennett, assistant vice president of student life, explained the history of the event.

“It was an event when I was a student 20 years ago, then it kind of went away for a few years, and it’s been back for a number of years now. I would say probably like seven, eight years, but like a number of years for sure,” Bennett said. “It’s just a very casual, fun event where you can hang out with friends and talk to people welcome back from the summer.” 

Michael Steele, assistant director of the office of Student Engagement, shared his experience advising the student council to make Quadstock this year a success. 

“We spoke with Rosalia [Cefalu, vice president of social life for student government,] to get a feel for what type of food students would enjoy,” Stelle said. “We also enlisted her help with finding student performers.” 

Cefalu is a senior business analytics major. She told the Quadrangle that her role, along with others, is important because it allows students to plan events that they know will attract their peers. This year, there were food trucks and different outside activities offered to the students. 

“The two food trucks were Kenji Tacos and Mr. Softee. And there was also Operation Smile with a lemonade stand,” Cefalu said. “It’s been a little different each year. So in the past, they have hired performers outside of the school; however, this year, we decided to highlight some student performers with a lot of talent on our campus and a few other bands that wanted to perform on campus. ” 

Isabella Suero, a freshman sociology major, told the Quadrangle how her love for performance and music followed her from the age of two all the way to college, where she got the opportunity to perform during the Quadstock event. 

“When I was asked to perform I was mostly nervous, but as it got closer I was really excited,” Suero said. “I performed ‘Super Trouper’ and ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’… I would love to perform at another event here at Manhattan College. Being on stage is my favorite thing to do and I would never pass up an opportunity to do what I love.”

Cefalu encouraged students to get involved in social events, like Suero did.

“From film clubs to greek life, when you solely think that getting involved in social clubs isn’t worth it right now and that you should be focusing only on school, you do not realize that there’s just as much to be learned in social environments [as there is] academically,” Cefalu said.

Student engagement has plenty of upcoming opportunities for students to get involved. To stay updated on what student engagement has planned for this fall, follow them on instagram @mcstudentengage and @MCStudentEngage on twitter.