No Battle of the Bronx in the 2022 Season: Women’s Soccer

By Alexandrea Velez, Staff Writer

Women’s soccer was the first of Manhattan teams to announce the Rams would not be on their schedule this season, putting a pause on a rivalry dating back to 1911. 

The rivalry, primarily competed by men’s basketball, first started in 1911-1912 during the Men’s basketball season. The Jaspers took the first win, with 20-19 points.

Women’s soccer has taken part in the rivalry for twenty years, and this will be the first season in decades with no Cross Bronx match. 

When asking the players why there was no Battle of the Bronx game there was great hesitancy to answer the question. 

Julia Nicholas, a sophomore at MC, who plays forward on the field, first said she had no comment on the matter. 

But when asked a different question she continued this thought by adding, “New coaching staff is what I heard, we were not on their radar and their conference schedule.”

Students report the Battle of the Bronx is one of the most intense, hyped games of the season.

  “It’s always been very competitive and fun too,” said Kim Mains, keeper for the Jaspers. She continued, “They are probably one of the better teams that we’ll play for our non-conference games. We always want to win.”

With the games always having such a high intensity and support followed by years of tradition it was strange not to have Fordham on the schedule. This includes not only the players but also the fans. 

If MC women’s soccer is not playing Fordham for this season there will have to be a new upcoming rival to focus on. 

“Iona just because New Rochelle is 20 minutes down the road,” said Nicholas, “I also think not a specific one with the new rules for NCAA there’s no overtime and we lost three or four in the first like five minutes of overtime last year. So, I think all those games we want to go back to and just take it from them”. 

With Iona and MC being new rivals this fall season for women’s soccer, the new upcoming athletic question is if Iona is our new rival. Or will the long-lasting Fordham rivalry come back for next year’s season? 

According to GoJaspers, MC’s team has a 2-2-1 record and Iona currently has 5-1-3 the rival game is still up in the air of who will win.