Letter From the Editor

By Kyla Guilfoil, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to fall! Well, almost. As the weather starts to turn towards my personal favorite season, I hope you all look forward to trading in flip flops for sweaters and popsicles for pumpkin spice. 

With all the good that comes with a new season, there are also some challenges. We settle into a new routine, filled with classes, homework, extracurriculars, sports or work. 

Whether it be academically, professionally or personally, a new season can often mean stress. Whether it’s your first semester at MC or your fourth year as a Jasper, don’t forget to check in with yourself. 

It’s okay to need help, whatever that help may be. You are not alone here. 

I want to use my letter this week to point you all to some of the support systems we have at campus, whether it be for help with school, help with your mental health or support from other students. 

Counseling Center: Miguel 501 (718)682-7394 

Center for Academic Success: success@manhattan.edu, Learning Center: Thomas Hall 310 (718) 862-7414, Leo Learning Center: Leo 117/118 (718) 862-7476

Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center: Commons 3C, lasallianwomenandgender@manhattan.edu 

Multicultural Center: Commons 303, MCC@manhattan.edu 

Campus Ministry & Social Action: Miguel 209, 207a and Commons 203, cmsa@manhattan.edu 

I hope these spaces can be places of support for you as we settle into a new year. We are here for each other, Jaspers!