Skating Society Rolls into MC

By Mack Olmsted, Asst. Production Editor

Manhattan College has a brand new club rolling into campus this fall semester – the Manhattan College Skateboarding Society. 

The idea of the club was originally thought up back in fall 2021 by current senior Reese Hollister and now alumni Stephanie Seubert. Hollister and Seubert met while skateboarding where they also met Nicholas Pagoria, Aiden Feeney and Max Esser, who are also members of the club.

“The idea comes from Van Cortlandt skatepark just being so close to Manhattan College,” Hollister said. “It’s such a great resource. I can go in between classes, I can go in the mornings, I can go anytime. So the whole point of the club is just to have that group where you can text up who wants to skate. That’s what it’s all about…All you have to do is skate down the hill and you’re there.” 

The club’s main goal is to have fun together at the local skate parks while skateboarding. The Skateboarding Society plans to practice tricks together and film them for their Instagram, @mcskatesociety. 

All the founding members are experienced skaters and want to help grow their community, with their targeted demographic being anybody who is a student at MC. You don’t need any experience to join, but it is recommended that you have your own board. 

The club chooses not to have a leader or hierarchy system in any way, according to its founders. Everyone will be seen as equals while Hollister will organize events. 

The club will have an initial meeting where they explain what they will be doing and where they will meet, however there will not be traditional meetings. As of now they plan on meeting on a free basis, where members can meet up whenever they would like. There will also be occantional meet ups at skateboarding events and different skate parks around the city. 

Since Van Cortlandt Park is so close to MC, they feel that it is a great way to spend time in the neighborhood in which they go to school. The park is where the club will usually have their meetups. 

“Manhattan College being in the city is super important, we’re in the Bronx,” Hollister said. “Skateboarding is by nature an urban activity … not only can you skate at the park, but you can skate in the streets and you can skate the real architecture of the city. You’re in New York City, the cultural capital of the sport. You can’t beat that. So being able to use the urban environment is really important.”

The Skateboarding Society wants to be inclusive to everybody. Seubert explained how they want to take inspiration from NYC skateboarding associations like PANSY and Bronx Girls Skate in an attempt to reach all corners of the skateboarding community.  

“Just having a supportive environment at Manhattan College is a really awesome thing that I think people should take advantage of if skateboarding is an interest,” Seubert said.

The terrain gives students motivation that drives them to want to explore the urban setting around them. For the Skateboarding Society it means that the city is their playground waiting to be explored. 

While the Skateboarding Society is not an official MC club yet, they are in the works of going through the process of filling out the paperwork and meeting with the student government. They also have a faculty advisor, Robin Lovell, Ph.D.

Lovell shared their thoughts on why they believe the club will be a welcomed addition to MC. 

“I think the more the merrier on campus because people have really distinct, specific and unique wants and needs,” Lovell said. “If someone is not interested in anything but skateboarding, now there’s a home for them where they can make friends and have more community as a college experience. So I think that it’s super important on that level.”

The Skateboarding Society is planning on having a table at the club fair on Tuesday, Sept. 6. You can follow them on instagram @mcskatesociety for updates and future information.