Jasper Jams: A Renaissance Emerging 

By,  Zoe DeFazio, Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor 

Beyoncé is back and better than ever. After a long hiatus, the Beyhive has been blessed with a sixteen-track album titled “Renaissance,” which is a part of a three-act project.  

The whole album pays homage to the Black men and women who paved the way for Black ballroom music by sampling classic favorites that bring nostalgia and the urge to dance. With her quick-witted lyrics and Sasha Fierce creeping in the background, Beyoncé has once again left her mark on music history. 

Beyoncé has dedicated this entire album to her late Uncle Johnny, who designed and made the most of Beyoncé’s early Destiny’s Child costumes and outfits, and introduced Beyoncé to house music. Johnny passed away when Beyoncé was seventeen from HIV complications, but his legacy continues on.

Renaissance is a perfect album filled with positive affirmations to help yourself with your confidence. Take a deep dive into the lyrics and watch yourself manifest into an alien superstar.

Grab your fan and put your heels on. It’s time to serve. 


“I’m That Girl” is the first track of Renaissance, and it definitely starts with a bang. The song is sampling from the 1995 single “Still Pimpin” by Tommy Wright III featuring Princess Loko. “Im that girl” is about asserting your dominance and letting yourself know that you are, in fact, ‘that girl.’ Beyoncé reassures you that being ‘that girl’ isn’t about wearing diamonds or pearls or even having a super fly partner. It’s about being confident in who you are and not letting anyone invalidate your worth. This song is in a sensual tone with the right amount of cockiness. I recommend listening to this song as you get ready to start your day in class or a night out.


A song sampling from Lidell Townsell and M.T.F’s 1992 single “Get With U.” Beyoncé and her sneaky ways seemed to paint a bright picture with this song. With a melody that expresses body positivity and overall self-love, she sprinkles in beautifully crafted lyrics to pay respect to the LGBTQIA+ community by referencing each color of the Progress Pride flag. My personal favorite part is when the sample from TS Madison’s “B**** I’m Black” comes on.  Listen to this song while drinking coffee. I promise it’s worth it. Something about a hot girl walk combined with an iced caramel macchiato with oat milk and this song makes you seem like those really attractive people who strut down the streets of Manhattan in slow-mo on TikTok.


Sampling from Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy,” this song is perfect for most occasions. Wanna take a long shower and have the same song on repeat because you don’t know what playlist to put on? Play “Alien Superstar.” Wanna go shopping and pretend you’re in a Y2K movie but need a lead single? Play “Alien Superstar.” Wanna post a picture of yourself that’s nice enough for your story but not nice enough for your feed but need a song? Play this song. A versatile song for the vixen within. 


Sampling from Teena Marie’s “Ooh La La La,” this song is so raunchy but you’d never even know it because of the cute beat in the background. The song sounds so light and fluffy. I can’t help but to dance. This song makes you wanna pop and lock joints in your body that you didn’t even know existed. It’s a great song with lyrics you just wanna yell out loud. But, it’s a raunchy song, so be careful where you’re yelling these lyrics. 


One of the smoothest song transitions I’ve ever heard. This song feels more like an interlude that helps transition to the next track.


Beyoncé’s lead single never fails to shock the world. Sampling from Robin S’s “Show Me Love” along with Big Freedia’s “Explode,” this song can and will get you moving. Put on your dancing songs and feel the rhythm flow through your soul as Beyoncé tells you that you can’t and won’t break hers. Dance to this song with LED lights on and friends in the background. Feel like the main character with this song. It’s hard not to. 


Honestly, not the kind of song I was expecting with this title. But once again Beyoncé lets us know that assumptions are not allowed in her house. Sampling from The Clark Sisters “Center Thy Will” and Lyn Collins’s “Think (About It),” this song makes you wanna dance in more ways than one. The beat, the flow and the energy surrounding this song will make you find out how well you can move your hips.


This song is featured with Grace Jones, a legendary icon in the disco world known for wildness and self-assurance. Grace Jones doesn’t hop on any track. Jones has stated that she is very meticulous with whom she works with, and refuses to let this new generation of artists have the luxury of working with her for clout purposes. “Move” is a high-energy song that makes you want to put on your flashiest boots and stomp around. And I suggest you do so when listening to this song. 


This song takes voguing to the next level. Beyoncé looks back on all her accolades in this song such as her Adidas-partnered athletic line “Ivy Park” along with her and her husband, Jay Z’s recent “About Love” campaign with Tiffany & Co. This song will absolutely get you fierce and worked up in a matter of time. After you listen to this song there’s no way anyone can stop you.


My second favorite song on this album. Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé’s alter ego who retired in the late 2000’s, has made a comeback. I’m so speechless about how good this song is that I can’t even write a review.


Now this one is actually my favorite song. Dance to this song late at night when you can’t fall asleep because you have too much energy. By the third time you play this song, you will be exhausted. It’s hard to not dance hard to this song. In order to enjoy the full experience, you have to put your all into every single movement you make.


Sampling from Moi Renee’s “Miss Honey,” Beyoncé will have you question if you should stand to the left or right, perhaps even the middle. This track is so much fun to play in the shower. It’s just one of those songs where you pretend your hairbrush is the microphone. Make faces to yourself in the mirror while listening to this song and feel yourself become Miss Honey.


Sampling from Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,”  Beyoncé shares a plethora of emotions about love and style.  Beyoncé even shares her fashion advice. Birkins are out and Telfar bags are in and I couldn’t agree more. This song perfectly closes out Act I and I wouldn’t have it any other way.