Jasper Jams: Spring Sounds Like Sunshine!

By Angelica Niedermeyer, Staff Writer

This is my first Jasper Jams, and I am so excited because sharing and receiving music recommendations is one of my favorite love languages. When MC’S radio station WRCM was up and running, junior Katie Martone and I had a show on Tuesday nights called “Soundtrack Sunshine.” Although I miss sharing music over the radio more than anything, this week’s Jasper Jams is giving just as much sunshine! These songs will make you want to blast your car radio, sunglasses on, driving with the windows down. 

How To Fly – Sticky Fingers

My first pick is a song that I heard on the radio the day I came home to New Jersey for this Easter break. Released in 2014, “How To Fly” by Sticky Fingers makes you want to bop your head and sway to the reggae type beat. Sticky Fingers is an Australian indie rock band and sadly is on hiatus from playing. 

Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums

This song is the definition of happy-go-lucking vibes. The whistling in the beginning matched with the fast drums and catchy guitar makes you want to dance and go surfing! The Drums are a 2008 Brooklyn originated indie-pop band. 

High School Lover – Cayucas

This song was included in the television show “Outer Banks” and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. Its nostalgic upbeat chorus makes you want to get up and dance to it. Cayucas is a twin brother duo from Santa Monica, California. 

Daft Pretty Boys – Bad Suns

Bad Suns has to be my favorite band. I honestly do not remember a time not knowing them. In high school, Bad Suns was always playing in the car with my friends. I even had a CD of their 2016 album, “Disappear Here.” During my sophomore year of high school, my friends and I saw them play at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. It was life changing. 

Goddess – Sleeping Jesus

“Goddess” by Sleeping Jesus sounds like a gentle breeze. The lead singer’s voice serenades you as the guitar hits some sweet indie chords in this dreamy love song. Sleeping Jesus was started by Nick Elstad in Minnesota and is now a five-person band.

Season 2 Episode 3 – Glass Animals 

Glass Animals has to be one of the most distinct sounding bands. The lead singer’s soft voice and their funky techno-beats make them stand out. This song incorporates sounds of water droplets and video game sound effects perfectly placed to flow with the rhythm. Glass Animals is a British indie rock band formed in 2010.

Goodie Bag – Still Woozy

The song “Goodie Bag” has my heart. Still Woozy also has a very distinct sound with groovy guitar strums and smooth vocals. Still Woozy is also known as Sven Eric Gamsky, a singer from Oakland, California.

Heaven Falls / Fall on Me – Surfaces

This song is an immediate mood changer. I would play this song driving on the Garden State Parkway coming home from high school and just vibe. This song is full of positive energy and sunny rays. Surfaces is a duo band from College Station, Texas. What is cool about Surfaces is that they incorporate a lot of genres together. This song in particular has steel drums which adds to the calypso style.

Hot Rod – Dayglow

“Hot Rod” by Dayglow’s catchy chorus and contagious beats disguise the break up lyrics of the song. That does not mean you can’t dance to it! Dayglow is an indie alternative singer from Fort Worth, Texas also known for their song, “Can I Call You Tonight?”

Tungs – The Frights

What’s funny is that a boy showed me this song and even though he did not last, this song totally did. “Tungs” by The Frights was played on repeat in my car and in the shower. The charming lyrics and righteous vibes make you want to restart it and relive the excitement.