MC Joins In For an International Women’s Day Celebration

By, Karen Flores, Assistant Features Editor

Alpha Pi Phi, Manhattan College’s newest sorority, hosted an International Women’s Day event on the quadrangle with several other organizations and clubs across campus on March 8.

The celebration was overseen by Alpha Pi Phi and they collaborated with Sigma Delta Tau, Delta Kappa Epsilon, HerCampus, the Lasallian Women and Gender Resource Center, Sanctus Artem, the student government and the multicultural center.

Pamela Moleri, the external programming officer for Alpha Pi Phi, spoke about the event and what their ultimate goal was by hosting it. 

“We wanted this event to be a celebration for women and to be able to fundraise money for the Domestic Violence Project,” Moleri said.”And we talked to different clubs that wanted to participate and fundraise for the same cause.”

Gabriela Sandoval, the secretary of Alpha Pi Phi, represented their chapter during the event. She hopes that students were able to come together to not only celebrate the women who made a difference in history but also the women who made an impact on them. 

“We really just wanted to raise awareness for all self-identifying women and non-binary people on campus,” Sandoval said. “And just kind of spread a lot of love and honor all of our women on campus. So we thought that by doing so we could kind of collaborate with other clubs and Greek life organizations that kind of brought that same collaboration and unity within their mission statements. And it turned out to be a really great event and I was really happy.” 

The organizations all came up with different activities to bring in money for the Domestic Violence Project, which was created by the Urban Justice Center of New York. 

Alpha Pi Phi decided to bring an Italian tradition to the fundraiser by selling yellow flowers. The idea came about because of an Italian international student who is involved in their chapter. Sigma Delta Tau sold purple ribbons for people to wear to raise awareness about domestic violence. Delta Kappa Epsilon did a “pie in the face” fundraiser where students could purchase a pie and throw it in the face of the fraternity brother of their choosing. 

Students doing coloring pages and making Friendship bracelets with Her Campus and Alpha Pi Phi. KAREN FLORES / THE QUADRANGLE

The LWGRC was giving tarot readings as well as selling goodie bags and cookies. Student Engagement sold doughnuts, Sanctum Artem gave out the materials for students to make friendship bracelets and HerCampus gave out coloring pages of influential women in history. 

Eric Quinde Tamay and Pearl Marinas both attended the event and spent some time making friendship bracelets. 

Quinde Tamay believed that this kind of event was one that was able to bring awareness to an important issue while adding elements of fun. 

“I mean, even though it’s fun, it has a serious message and it brings people together. I get to spend time with my friend and make bracelets while raising awareness,” Quinde Tamay said. 

Marinas added that “the overall message is very empowering for women, especially at MC,” and that she looks forward to other on campus events.  

Sarah Lavin, a sophomore marketing major, got in the spirit of International Women’s day and pied a fraternity brother in the face. 

“Just a day to celebrate women, come together and really create a community of women that support each other was a great highlight,” Lavin said. 

Payton Hayes, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, saw the event as a chance to celebrate what it means to be a woman and support each other. 

“I hope we are just able to kind of support each other more like [Lavin] said. Just coming together more and not having that negativity against each other as much especially today cause you know, in life in general, we all just need more support,” Hayes said. 

Moleri hopes that the students on campus were able to learn more about each other and about the impact women have had in the past as well as in current times. 

“I think it’s important to celebrate, because there’s a lot of inequality between men and women,” Moleri said. “So I think it’s important to acknowledge that there shouldn’t be inequality. There should be days and months like this, to celebrate women and to acknowledge the fact that women had a big impact both in history and in the world.”