Talks of Spring Madness Are on the Horizon

By, Josh Grewal, Asst. Social Media Editor

Because of the continuous success Manhattan Madness has brought during the fall semesters, the first Spring Madness has recently been in question at the college.

Manhattan College Student Engagement’s Instagram account posted a photo stating how 500 likes would allow a Spring Madness event to come into consideration. Soon after, the post reached 682 likes.

The Manhattan Madness event is held as a pep rally for the Manhattan basketball team in the fall, so there has not been a final answer as to what Spring Madness will be based upon. With no final answer at the current moment, there is no way to accurately verify what the basis of the event will be.

Spring Madness is not yet guaranteed to take place. However, looking at the previous event, there is likely to be similarities between the two, mainly because of how much positive feedback was given from the previous event.

As of right now, the plans are still in early talks. Michael Steele, assistant director of Student Engagement, states there seems to be a lot of speculation but no solid plans on what the event will be based on entirely.

“To answer your questions altogether, it’s up to the interest from students if they would like to still hold the event. We are open to the idea and happy to support it along the way,” Steele said.

John Bennett, executive director of the Office of Student Engagement, and a member of the college who is heavily involved in the talks surrounding the event, told The Quadrangle about the attitude taken towards the event, and broke down the inner workings of what could make the event pan out.

“I’m excited because the students have brought this up to us and they’re the ones excited about it and driving it. We say this all the time in our office — this is about the student’s experience, not about ours. So if they’re excited, and we can help make it happen, then let’s do it,“ Bennett said.

With the situation surrounding COVID-19 being looked at with caution, people at the college could potentially see updates that make room for protocols surrounding it. Speculation on the future event could also be taken from previous events, as we could see many of the same protocols and measures to be taken.

“I wouldn’t imagine it being any different than attending a basketball game in Draddy, mask up, show your green pass and cheer on your fellow Jaspers, from the student-athletes to the spirit squads,” Bennett said.

It seems that for an event as big as this the student body’s input is a lot more valuable than people would think. From the conversations with John Bennett, he spoke largely about the role of the student body and how the student’s attitude is greatly affecting the choices that could potentially be made.

“There’s always such a buzz on campus when it’s Manhattan Madness, so if we were able to duplicate that in the spring, with the same sort of excitement and attendance, wouldn’t that be awesome?” Bennet said.

At the current moment, much of the information concerning the event has not made its way to many people. With the event still in the early stages, there seems to be no suprise that many people don’t know the intricate details of the event.

Sharon Ortega, assistant director of student engagement, along with being someone who was heavily involved in the previous Manhattan Madness, said there may be more information in the coming weeks.

“So we’re planning to meet with a couple of students in the next week or so, and then would need to work with Student Government, their executive board, and their VP for Social Life, if it’s really going to take off and happen, along with athletics.” Bennett said.
Spring Madness seems to be an event that has a lot of anticipation behind it. With the student body being a major driving force, we can assume that the event will be one that is going to prioritize the safety and enjoyment for the experience of the students attending.