Letter from the Editor

By Kyla Guilfoil, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers, 

Thank you all for tuning in with The Quadrangle this week! I have been so grateful and excited to share the incredible work of our staff over these last three weeks back on campus. 

After facing many challenges due to the pandemic world we now live in, The Quadrangle has greatly increased our printing abilities from last semester. We will be printing every two weeks this semester, including our Triangle issue to be published on March 29, and our special issue to be published on April 12. However, we will still be publishing a new issue every week, so don’t forget to check us out at mcquad.org and issuu.com/mcquad. 

Now, as I’ve settled back into Bronx life, I find myself feeling a frustrated deja-vu. Despite the excitement of being back with my close friends and working on projects that I feel passionately for, I can’t seem to shake the weight of this gray winter cloud. We are still battling life defined by a global pandemic, and I feel quite discouraged. Starting college in August 2020, I never anticipated life continuing like this well into my sophomore year. As much as I commend myself for being a generally motivated person, I find it hard to keep pushing through the overwhelming sense that nothing is in my power. 

But I’m reminding myself that even before our world shifted in such radical ways, I still lacked power. My impact, I think, must come from my dedication to these things that I care so deeply about. And so, here I am, back again and writing to you all. 

Journalism is a gift, and one that I hold to a high honor. I hope that I, and the entire Quadrangle staff, can be a symbol of positive stability for you in these trying times. I promise, no matter how heavy these winter clouds may feel, that we will be back every week this semester with the news that matters to our community. 

Thank you for reading, and for giving us all a reason to keep on writing. 


Kyla Guilfoil