The U.S. News & World Report Recognizes the Part-time MBA Program at the O’Malley School of Buisness

By Victor Franco, Staff Writer

The O’Malley School of Business’ master in business administration program was acknowledged by The U.S. News & World Report 2022’s “Best Part-time MBA Rankings.” 

The program provides students a chance to continue their education while pursuing other responsibilities such as full-time jobs or taking care of family members. The program consists of three MBA concentrations: business analytics, finance and economics.

Richard Ross, the Co-Director of the MBA program, believes that professors of the MBA program dedicate themselves to the success of their students, leading to the increasing success of the program.

“I was proud first because I feel I’m a part of a successful program and watched the general excitement and efforts of the professors,” he said.

Ross assures that many students are also fully dedicated to the program, which helps justify its recognition.

“I know the level of enthusiasm and loyalty that students have for our program,” he said. “Students have a strong association and relationship with their professors and the program”.  

Ross also credits the alumni connections at MC as a driving factor that has fostered the growth and continued success of the program. 

“The strength of our alumni network, who have provided jobs for our students, mentorship and opportunities is notable,” Ross said. “They come back and speak to our students about the workforce, current trends and information about what’s going on out there in the work world. We just have a very strong program with very strong support from professors, from alumni and from the business community as a whole.”

Provost Steven Schreiner, Ph.D., expressed gratitude towards the program’s recognition since it helps demonstrate the student and faculty effort to improve the academic reputation of the school.

“For me, it’s evidence of how the school is rising in its national recognition, if you will,” Schreiner said. “And I think that, to me, it was just a wonderful affirmation of what I think we already do, is that we have very, very good programs.”

The continued efforts of the faculty from the O’Malley School of Business has created an increasingly valuable level of education for students with quality professors, usually immersed in their own industry while teaching.

“The School of Business is on a trajectory, an upward trajectory, and I continue to see innovation in their programming,” Schreiner said. 

He also described plans for expansion of the business school’s programs as a way to further encourage students and faculty in their careers. 

“We’re starting a new master of science in accounting, for example, and that’s because we think that there’s a group of people who can benefit from our educational processes,” Schreiner said.

 “I think part of what we try to always do, one thing that makes Manhattan special is our experts, our instructors. It’s our full time faculty, and our part time faculty even, particularly when you get to the graduate level, but really undergraduate as well.”

Joseph Adarkwah is currently a part-time student in the MBA program who plans on graduating with an MBA in finance and economics. Adarkwah enjoys the part-time program because the flexibility allows him to manage the other responsibilities he holds.

 “The flexibility of the part-time MBA program is very helpful and allows me to juggle between work, school, family and social life as well,” said Adarkwah.      

Adarkwah is proud of the outcome of being in the program, he explains how the MBA program has gone hand in hand with his professional life. 

“The program broadened my scope and perspective on issues, especially concerning economics and finance,” Adarkwah said.

Taking classes that are adjacent to his professional field allows Adarkwah to implement what he learns in the program into his career. 

“Even after leaving the walls of Manhattan College the lessons taught are going to carry for the rest of our lives and I think it’s something wonderful,” he said.

As for how the program will continue to grow and advance, Don Gibson, the dean of the O’Malley School of Business, hopes to keep increasing accessibility for students with a fully online version of the program.    

“We are launching a fully online version of the MBA program and also beginning to invite high-achieving undergraduate students to come into the fifth-year MBA program,” he said.

Gibson believes the program offers students an opportunity to practice and enhance their skills while interacting with both the faculty and students who offer different perspectives. 

“One of the benefits of a part time program is that you have working adults in it which makes for a richer discussion,” he said.

The part time MBA program ranking is encouraging for students and faculty in assuring Manhattan College as an effective choice for future success.

“We have had a terrific MBA program for the last 12 years or so and it attracts strong students and we’re growing especially in the last two years,” Gibson said. “So I feel like it’s an appropriate recognition on that list.”