Meet Quad Senior Maria Thomas!

by Isaiah Rosario, Staff Writer

Who is Maria Thomas? Maria is a senior from Simi Valley, California, an English major with a film minor and Manhattan College’s very own managing editor for The Quadrangle. Thomas has been an essential part of The Quadrangle since freshman year. In addition to being part of the Quad, since her sophomore year, she has been an active participant in Scatterbomb, MC’s improv group here on campus. 

Thomas first discovered The Quadrangle scholarship on the school’s website and wanted to apply to it because of her passion for journalism. 

“I found the scholarship on the school website when I was applying, and I wrote for my high school newspaper,” Thomas said. “I was the editor in chief of that. So, I was like, ‘Oh, I definitely want to apply to this’ and then I got it. So I was like, I’m definitely doing this.”

Meanwhile, with Scatterbomb, Thomas stepped out of her comfort zone. 

Maria is a senior from Simi Valley, California, an English 
major with a film minor and Manhattan College’s very own managing editor for The Quadrangle. . 

“It’s something that I always knew I wanted to try, but I didn’t really do it before coming to Manhattan College,” Thomas said. “But now that I’ve done it, I know that I love improv.” 

Joining clubs on campus meant so much to Thomas. Whether that be a place of escape from the stress of school, a place to make more friends, or just to do something that you are able to love and enjoy. 

“Being on Scatterbomb has had a huge impact on my college experience because it’s where I met a lot of my friends and it’s a team of really funny people,” Thomas said. “So it’s natural that we would all become friends with each other and like, get along in that way.” 

Thomas also notes that The Quad introduces writers to a network of students and professors, which has allowed her to get to know the school more in her time here. 

“In terms of the Quad, it’s been super helpful in getting to know Manhattan College,” Thomas said. “There have been professors that I’ve interviewed for an article and then thought they were super cool and wanted to take their class as a result of that. The Quad is a great network of students.” 

As Thomas says, when you join clubs on campus you make a lot of memories that you will be sure to remember for the rest of your life. One of Thomas’ favorite articles she wrote for The Quad was the new vegan boutique and bodega located next to An Beal Bocht Cafe. In addition, she has many fond memories from her time in Scatterbomb. 

“There was this one show where my friend, Aedan Roney, we were in a scene on stage together, we both just looked at each other and like, we were talking telepathically, and it ended up being in the scene that I was cradling him like a baby and he is huge,” Thomas said. “I think he’s 6’3 or 6’4, and I’m 5’3, and I was sitting in a chair like literally holding him in my lap and it got such a huge laugh … also just celebrating after all the shows in previous years, like after shows, we always have big parties, and like we’ll celebrate with each other. So that’s been really fun.” 

As of Nov. 19, Thomas is currently doing an independent study with Professor Dominika Wrozynski in the English department. The independent study is about creative fiction writing and short stories. This independent study has been helping her prepare a portfolio to apply to grad programs. Thomas said that Wrozynski has helped her greatly with the whole process. 

Thomas’ plans after graduating in the spring are to apply to Master of Fine Arts Programs. She is looking to go into these programs for creative writing. 

There is frequent growth seen from seniors since the beginning of their freshman year, whether that be educationally, emotionally, or physically. Thomas said that her main growths since freshman year that she has seen were in her maturity level, as well as her skills in writing. 

To new students at Manhattan College, Thomas passes along the following message.

“Keep an open mind and just try as many things as possible,” Thomas said. “College is a unique chance where we’re in an environment where everyone’s here doing it for the first time. Go join new clubs, audition for stuff, do intramural sports and take classes that you might not think that your love because they could really surprise you.”