Courtney Warley Named MAAC Player of the Week

by Anna Woods, Editor-in-Chief

Recently, Lady Jasper Courtney Warley was named MAAC player of the week and made her 1,000th point. Warley is in her fifth year, currently pursuing an MBA. 

During the ASun tournament at Disney’s Wide World of Sports, Warley scored her 1,000th point in her Manhattan career. She explained that reaching her 1,000th point was not her focus.

Recently, Lady Jasper Courtney Warley was named MAAC player of the week and made her 1,000th point. Warley is in her fifth year.

“Coming here I wasn’t really concerned with getting my 1,000 points at all,” Warley said. “At the start of this season, people have told me that I was close to it. So I knew I was going to get it at some point, but I never really thought about it. Just like each game, I tried to do what I can to win, whether that is scoring points, whether that’s grabbing rebounds. I knew it was going to come at some point, just because I was so close. But it’s never really been my focus.”

Warley was also named MAAC Player of the Week, highlighting her impact and leadership on the Lady Jaspers this season. She shared what loves about the MAAC and the other teams in it. 

“I honestly did not expect to be named player of the week. Honestly, though, the one thing I like about our conference is that it’s so competitive, and we have so many great players in our conference … So that was just a nice recognition to have, but we know that there’s a long season ahead of us, so we just have to keep moving forward,” Warley said. 

Warley shared that she comes from a basketball family and it has always been a central part of her life. 

“I grew up in a basketball family,” Warley said. “Both of my parents, my mom and my dad, they played basketball, I have three sisters that also play basketball, as well. I started playing before I could even remember … So it’s been around me and my family for my whole life. I’m just glad that I got this extra year as well.”

She continued and reflected on her basketball career and the impact that her teammates and coaches have made on her. 

“Being at Manhattan has definitely been my favorite experience with the teammates that I have and the coaching staff. They make basketball so much fun to play, whether it’s on the court or off the court. That’s another reason why I wanted to come back here for my extra year because I just love playing with this group of girls and for this coaching staff. So I’m just really thankful that I have an extra year to do that one last time,” Warley said.

Being one of the oldest players on the team, Warley has found herself playing a new role.

“So this has really been our first year where a majority of us are new. So being on the team, for as long as I have, I’ve kind of taken responsibility more this year than others just to lead more and just bring the culture that we’ve had these past four years, to these new people teach them what we do here and what it means to play green. So anything a little more than that is trying to get everyone adjusted to this new team that we have and the style of play we’re trying to accomplish.”

Warley is looking forward to the rest of the season, especially gearing for the MAAC tournament.

“I think every game, whether it’s a win or loss and nonconference, we’re taking all of them as lessons and just trying to implement everything we learned to come conference time. We’re ready for the conference and the MAAC tournament.”

As COVID-19 impacted her senior season, Warley is grateful to have been granted another year of playing time. She shared how great it is to have fans, especially her family, back in the stands. 

“My family has been such a big part of my life, and especially my basketball career for forever. It would’ve really sucked if they weren’t going to be able to be there for my last part, which was last year. So I’m extremely thankful that they are able to attend almost all the games that they can this year, and see me reach those milestones as well. And hopefully, the team reach these milestones as well. So that’s really also just a nice way to end everything having everyone I love supporting me.” 

While, Warley is unsure of her future, her passion for basketball is not going anywhere.